Wings to claim the lawyer at home an added value for agencies

How did the idea for the company? I am part of the second generation of lawyers in my family. My father founded a firm 40 years ago and, little by little, we have expanded the business and we detected this market niche: travel agencies lack legal protection or legal advice on issues related to air issues. They are often forced to offer solutions to their customers, when not even they have the answer, on issues such as cancellations, overbooking, delays, denials of shipment and even with luggage. Unlike our competitors, we cover if luggage and expenses (hotels, taxis, food, etc.). What else you different from your competitors? Before hiring a service, you have to see who is behind, since leaving in the hands of any rights could be detrimental to the affected customers, with Wings to Claim you can see and verify licensed attorneys who is behind. The main difference is that all are lawyers and everything we do directly, immediately, because we are going to court and execute the right. Enter more issues, such as refunds or damages for the incidence of air – hotels, taxis, food-. Still faster in the outcome and making more money. We won 98% of cases to handle. are your activity more professional? We do not feel identified with the market that has been generated around the claims of air incidents because our result is greater, and that depends on that, from start to finish, you have an attorney at your service. 75-80% of the cases is gaining in tribunals and courts, everything you pass by there will not arrive at a worse economic compensation. Other “competitors” not exercise the rights until the end because costs soar, thing that Wings to Claim does. We offer a professional service and faster, and have more complaints and won judgments. Our goal is to execute the law which protects passengers and search above which the airlines can offer. We are those who pay more because we are calling for more. Therefore, aportáis added value to the travel agency… Yes, first added value is “home lawyer” for travel agent, that is those who have direct contact with the passenger. We avoid you deal with a situation for which frequently has no answer, have to give face to the customer, to know or not to know what has happened to a flight. Even they risked losing the client or assume the financial risk if they wanted to keep it. Now have the possibility of leaving this management in the hands of Wings to Claim.Carlos Corbalan, CEO of Wings to Claim. Do agencies take an economic amount determined claims? Yes, in addition to avoiding them a problem, we provide them a commercial fee, as they will take a Commission for each of the passengers claimed solved successfully. In addition, it is usually fast, a month if we did not get to court and below six if we. Not forgetting that our management, in addition to providing money for the Agency, also generates money for the client, and the reclaimed money you can convert into a subsequent sale. How is the collection system handled? We deliver a percentage of our turnover as a commercial fee, depending on the route of flight. We pay more than other companies, since we pay for reclaimed passenger and have an average of 2.5 passengers for each claim. There are travel agencies that have already claimed by Wings to Claim fees of 250 or 300 euros for a claim involving a group of passengers. Does your network of law firms also have partners outside of Spain? Yes, are members of the Union International of lawyers (UIA) and have a network of collaborations of offices of lawyers and solicitors both in Spain as to level European, what us allows offer services to a passenger that has bought his ticket of aircraft from the in an agency outside Spanish Wings prescribers to Claim. We have sentences won in France, Holland and Germany. You have also launched an initiative to reward the loyalty of agencies… As compensation to those travel agents who have trusted us and are already seeing successes, with all the payments that we make, both your client and the Agency, will raffle a shopping cart for 80 euros at Carrefour hypermarkets between prescriptive Wings travel agencies to Claim. They have all the details on the intranet of Wings to Claim, in the ’competitions’ section. We have begun by this initiative, which will last six months, and we will be getting more. (More details at

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