Vacation packages and purchase flash methods to save among americans

According to the ’Traveler Confidence Report’, an annual report by the Agency, another 40% of American consumers will try to reduce the budget by leveraging familiar offerings under the term ’ opaque hotels’opaque or hidden hotels. This formula, which are increasingly using the North American online, consists of making large discounts on the standard price on the condition that the identity of the hotel is not known until after booking.

The funny thing is that saving travellers looking for is mainly focused on extended stays and choose those elements of the journey that we want to spend more.

In fact, according to the report, 53 percent of respondents plan to travel more in 2012 than last year, a percentage that grows 18% with respect to the group that had this intention in 2010. In addition, among them, two-thirds think to increase budgets. And it is that offers search is not incompatible with that, for example, 76% are willing to spend the same or more than last year in hotel bills, but it will do doing more trips and longer stays.

Another method for the elements who want to save is the advance and more time for searches, aspects pointed out by 50% of respondents.

The President and CEO of Travelocity, Carl Sparks,

ensures that the sector must take into account these trends because although, on the other hand, much of the spending increase “comes driven by the rise in prices” this shall not prevent travelers take more vacation and make more trips. these will be “longer and more far”. In fact, if another 79% of respondents plan to spend more on airfares will do so mostly to make more trips and increase the distance.


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