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Madrid hoteliers warning of the increase of the President of the Association business hotel of Madrid (AEHM) Turistificacionel, Gabriel García, defends “quality” tourism with a greater presence of five-star accommodation to meet the turistificacion of the capital, where the number of timeshare homes has doubled in a year. “Madrid is starting up the turistificacion. Our concern is to see that it has gone very quickly”, says Garcia, who describes the impact of the tourist crowds in certain neighborhoods or cities. The working conditions of the waitresses from floor to examenEl Institute of safety and hygiene at work (Invasat) will visit 200 hotels in the region of Valencia to check the floor maids working conditions and an ergonomic best practices study, as announced by the Director general of the labour and labour welfare, Cristina Moreno.El Court of the County of Liverpool has found totally implausible plaintiffs arguments and has determined that they did not suffer any disease. Thomas Cook began to bring to trial the fraudulent claims and ganaThomas Cook has won the case that ensures, is only the first of those who think to bring when claims for food in target poisoning arouse their suspicions, as it has happened on this occasion with the demand of a British couple who put a claim by gastroenteritis who claimed to have suffered three years earlier at the Park hotel in 2016 Cristobal in Gran Canaria, without having sin haber comentado commented on anything in this regard during their stay nor show any evidence. Justice has given him reason to the tour operator and the couple will have to pay the coasts of judgment in 28 days: 3.744 pounds (4.225 euros). ABTA has warned the British that false claims are crime, according to HOSTELTUR news tourism. Iberostar opens its exclusive design hotel in Portals NousIberostar Hotels & Resorts has just opened the Grand Hotel Portals Nous, located on the beachfront of one of the most exclusive areas of Mallorca. This 5-star luxury is the first The Grand Collection of the chain in the Mediterranean, its range more premium, which combines an architectural design with the most innovative and customized services. Thus becomes the best example of its strategy of renewal of assets to raise prices and attract other types of customer, according to published news HOSTELTUR tourism. Rise of the cities of Eastern Europe by its image of segurosEl Eastern European destinations is perceived as a destination security after the terrorist attacks suffered by the great capitals of Western Paris, London and Brussels, which as been pointed out Javier Serrano, responsible for STR to Spain and Portugal, “is reflected in Hotel performance results”. Prague, Krakow, Warsaw and Copenhagen, but also Lisbon, are urban destinations more benefit you are viewing by this trend..

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