Turespaaa will reopen the palacio de congresos of madrid with a luxury hotel

After more than two years closed, Turespaña has found a solution to reopen the Palacio de Congresos of Madrid, a plan that also ruled out the investment of public resources. The Ministry of industry, energy and tourism expected to take to contest the renovation of facilities and the construction of a five-star hotel and will be the own successful tenderer who assume the financing of the project. The Department headed by José Manuel Soria opted to close the Palace in December 2012 to be able to make compared with more than 80 million euros, which meant the remodeling of the building and the improvement of their safety.

On 21 December 2012 is temporarily closed the Palais des Congrès, located in the Paseo de la Castellana in the capital of Spain, to detect security failures, in the same year in which occurred the tragedy of the Pavilion Madrid Arena, which resulted in the death of five young people. The reform of the property, built in the 1960s, to improve its facilities and correct safety defects, required an investment of more than EUR 80 million and, in the absence of availability of resources, is opted to close the facility permanently.

In last June, the Government insisted that he was not ready to undertake “substantial investment” that require the installation.

In recent years different solutions have been analyzed. Marta Blanco, CEO of Turespaña, body responsible for the management of the infrastructure, explained in an interview with HOSTELTUR, that “we are doing a study to see what are the needs of the Palace, which investment needs, what possibilities we have out in competition and make a concession“.

The project finally designed, provides that the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism will keep ownership of the building, but it will not assume the investment required nor will keep the management. To do this, open a contest public and investors who will have to deal with the costs of the plan and further exploitation on a concession basis.

To increase the interest to the interested parties, will be to maximize the possibilities of building that allows the installation. Currently, the Palace has an area of 40,000 square meters, but partial redevelopment plan approved in 2001 allows you to raise it up to 47,000. Project can benefit from this surface even if used, with what does not increase the buildability, nor the complex volumetric.

One of the main innovations of the plan is the introduction of use hotelier. He is planned construction of a five star establishment, with a maximum height of 23 plants – currently, top-flight hotels represent 2% of the hotel plant in the city.

The building keeps the celebration of congresses as its main use. In fact, the objective is to become a reference in the MICE industry. Also called increase from 25 to 35% “supported applications”. I.e., not there will be space for a mall, but for services related to the activity of the Palace, as they could be travel agencies or offices for rental of vehicles.

At the same time, a profound renovation of the Auditorium will take place and the different meeting rooms and all of them will be equipped with the latest technologies and best performance audiovisual. Other requirements is that you must have catering services able to cater to all participants in a Congress of all kinds of dimensions. Will keep the mural designed by Joan Miró, which is protected and which has become the emblem of this building.

In addition, although the investment will be 100% private, the Administration will oversee the construction in order to maintain consistency with the environment.

Is expected that del Ayuntamiento de Madrid today give the green light to the project. Thereafter be tendered work.


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