Travel agencies are organized to take advantage of the airport of valladolid after the fiasco of just fly

The empowerment of the airport of Villanubla, with the increase in the number of flights and passengers, is one of the objectives of the newly created Valladolid travel agencies Association. Remember that the tour operator Just Fly cancelled operations last year and its owner has been arrested for swindling.

A total of 19 travel agencies of the 100 that exist currently in the province of Valladolid has launched the Vallisoletan Association of travel agencies with the rest of boost the sector, offer alternatives to the “boom time” of agencies online and enhance the airport of Villanubla where are offered to promote direct flights.

Thus explained what the President of this new partnership, Paul Grill, who has been convinced that the sector has “sufficient muscle” to, since the union, promote those flights and “support” operations “more or less large“.

Grill noted the loss of business opportunities for the travel agencies in Valladolid by the loss of flights from Villanuebla from the conviction of the existence of a route from Valladolid Airport is a real incentive to travel, in contrast to what happens now when the customer go to Barajas.

For this reason, has insisted on the need to boost Villanubla airport for what the Vallisoletan travel agencies Association has laid the foundations for, within a “more ambitious”, creating a concrete product that allows you to close a circuit with output from Valladolid. “It is everyone’s common interest”, has defended Grill, who has appealed to the union of travel agencies in the province, 80% of which are SMEs, to avoid having to rely on a third party who proposed the flight.

Just Fly scam

Fits recalled that in the spring of last year released the tour operator Just Fly in order to organize flights from Valladolid airport, which generated great expectations among which agencies. But months later it had to shut down and its owner, Darío Alberto Quiroga, was arrested for swindling.

This situation, the Business Association of travel agencies of Castilla y León (AEAVI CyL) discussed possible legal action against Just Fly.


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