Tourism, lever underused brand Spain

The Spanish tourism industry should be used as “a powerful cross-indexing feature, that marked new goals for the brand Spain “according argues Raul Peralba , president of consulting firm Positioning Systems.

When we talk about a brand, what mistakes or starting stereotypes often make?

Overall, the most common mistake is the loss of objectivity and openness. We must never forget that the brand is built on the customer’s mind, not in the factory. At the same time, a brand is the promise of a benefit that the customer has to evaluate more than our competitors offer.

And what happens in the case of tourism?

It is much more complex, having different products and disparate. In addition, there are too many variables beyond the control of who promotes service, something much more difficult to structure compared to a physical product or a professional service.

You that Spain as a brand is what people think is … Says Do you see much difference between perception and reality?

We’re getting there. But I think that those responsible for carrying out actions related to the brand Spain want to go too fast. We can not say to a prospect that Spain is like Germany, it will tell you that Spain is in the EU, such as Germany and we have the same rules.

What is the main risk of wanting to move abroad consumer an image of a country that does not correspond to their previous mindset?

Very simple: they rejected that message. In today’s world, the first problem is that people already get too much information. All the time you are wanting to say something one way or another. But if information comes to the mind of the target audience and does not fit into the previous perceptions, will be rejected.

And how tourism is interwoven in these perceptions affect the image of Spain in the world?

If there is something you emphasize, and people know it, is tourism. It is a key activity in our economy and our lifestyle and we are admired worldwide for the success achieved. Our tourism brand is really renowned, highly valued, competitive and absolutely clearly linked to Spain.

So much for?

Therefore, we must seize that which is going well. And where we have more credibility and growth potential in tourism. Tourism in Spain is the most solvent, stable and secure business, with a strong multiplier effect. As a transversal activity, relates easily to many other sectors and activities.

What aconsejería?

We lack a plan to promote the brand Spain among foreign tourists when they come to visit, which in 2014 will be over 60 million. It would be a cheaper and with a higher return on investment campaign. And indeed we could go further: why not leverage the image of other sectors in tourism?

What do you mean?

For example, we explain that the Spanish construction companies are among the largest in the world-from the ten largest in the world, more than half are españolas- because we had to do a lot of work in Spain to support the millions infrastructure of tourists who visit us.

In the same vein we promote public transport, our companies equipment, food industry, consumer, renewable energy, etc. All this is not given the importance …

Is Spain complexed with respect to everything that brings tourism?

I believe that tourism has not been recognized by government as a truly business. It looks like something almost anecdotal. For example, when the government meets Spanish businessmen whose companies have internationalized rarely call the tourist.

What is your conclusion?

Should use tourism and tourism policy as a powerful cross-indexing feature that will set new goals for our country brand.

But in any case, in the end, “Mark Spain” concept is a little tired. Everyone talks about it but nobody is very clear what you mean. It’s a super-complex matter, high strategic level.

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