Tourism generates 413 m a in extremadura

The tourism sector generated revenues direct 413 million euros for the Extremadura region last year, thanks to the 1.772.525 travelers who stayed in hotel and non-hotel, settlements that gave rise to overnight 3.120.575.

The data contained in the Yearbook of tourism of Extremadura 2014, which was presented by Minister of development, housing, planning and tourism, Victor of the Moral.

The Yearbook collects for the first time in more than 150 pages, the main figures of this “strategic sector for the economy of Extremadura” and actions developed by the Government of Extremadura in tourism, in coordination with employers and the rest of the administrations.

One of the sections of the Yearbook breaks down the annual report of the Observatory of tourism of Extremadura, a body which started operating in July 2013 and whose studies provide data of interest to the public and private entities that work in the sector.

In its first year full operating, 2014, the Observatory has recorded 1.772.525 passengers in the region.

Destinations in Extremadura

According to these reports, the North of Extremadura is configured as a main pole of attraction of the region, since the regions that make up this area, along with the city of Plasencia, received nearly a third of travellers, 518.543 tourists (29.3% of the total).

The city of Cáceres (246.372), followed by the regions of the Valle del Jerte and La Vera stands first in the ranking of territories with more travelers, (214.038), Mérida (209.268), Badajoz (176.553) and Valley of the Ambroz-Tierras de Granadilla (125.790).

Overnight stays

Tourists who came to the community were 3.120.575 overnight stays in establishments.

El Jerte and La Vera in this case top ranking (447.270), followed by Cáceres (377.636), Mérida (308.181), Ambroz-lands of Granadilla (395.270) and Badajoz (262.175).

Average stay

In the case of the average stay, the regional average is 1.76 days, although there are outstanding five tourist territories over the two days: again, Ambroz-Granadilla (2.35 days); Monfragüe (2.09 days); Valle del Jerte – La Vera (2.09 days), Tajo Internacional-Sierra of San Pedro (2.06 days) and Barros-Zafra (2.05 days) of Earth. And, close by, is Sierra de Gata-Hurdes-Valley of the Alagón, 1.98 days.

Typology of settlements

By types of establishments, stand out in the hospitality field, hotels of four and five stars, with the largest number of travellers (619.281) and overnight stays (994.163), as well as a greater degree of occupation (41.4%).

However, in average stay are widely surpassed by other types of accommodation, especially (2.38 days) tourist apartments, campsites (2.27) and houses or apartments (2.21).

Visitor’s profile

Apart from these data of occupation, the Observatory also analyzes the profile of visitors through surveys the Network of offices of tourism of Extremadura. Thus, 16.416 surveys were conducted throughout 2014,.

Between the motivations of visit, tourists coming to Extremadura, just behind the reference to “be on vacation, rest, weekend” (57.4%), cited three issues mainly: discover the historical and artistic heritage (42.5%), meet a natural area (28%) and enjoy the gastronomy (21%).


The Observatory also highlights the valuation that visitors make the tourist services offered by Extremadura, with a note close to 8.6 for the general impression that causes them the region.

The reception, hospitality and tourist information are the highest rated, with average scores of 8.8 and 8.7, respectively.

Tourism expenditure

Spending tourist newspaper of visitors stood at 132,43 euros on average per person, of which 45.81 correspond to accommodation; 35,80 meals, coffees and soft drinks; 23,07 to leisure (Museum, monuments, guided activities, etc.) and, finally, 27,75 euros to purchase of gifts, souvenirs, books, or typical products.


In the presentation of the Yearbook, the Counsellor and Director-general of tourism, Elisa Cruz, made a review of the three strategies in place: Cultural tourism, nature tourism and sports and gastronomic tourism.

Also stressed the creation of clubs of product along with more than 300 entrepreneurs, including Birding in Extremadura, the path of Isabel la Catolica, the route of the discoverers, the Alqueva Natural theme park, the route of the wine Ribera del Guadiana, the route of the Iberian Dehesa de Extremadura ham, the international Tagus destination gourmet and, coming soon, also the cheese route in Extremadura.

Del Moral y Cruz also recalled the territorial plans of revitalization, the scheduled inspection and plan more than 200 actions of promotion developed in the last year, within the framework of the campaign ’ Extremeño Good’.

The owner of tourism has influenced that the commitment of the Government of Extremadura for this sector has resulted this year in an increase of 45% in the budget of the directorate-general, until reaching the 35.5 million euros.See also Extremadura invests 2 M € in a new promotional campaign.

Balance of the legislature

Adviser has also made a balance of the legislature that, in his opinion, can be summarized in three concepts: “more tourists, more businesses and more jobs”.

The legislature closes with the best data of travellers and overnight stays in the history of Extremadura, with 5.9 million tourists lodged between 2011-2014, 340,000 more than in the previous legislature, according to the INE.

This trend has had its translation in the number of lodgings, where also reached an all-time high with 3.997 registered accommodations in Extremadura at the end of 2014, 75 more than at the beginning of the legislature.

On the other hand, Extremadura has closed 2014 36.500 workers in the tourism sector, “another historical record, which is 10,000 more (up 38%) that at the beginning of 2008, when the EPA began to perform this labour breakdown by sectors”, as reported by the regional government.


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