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According to Angel Garcia BUTRAGUEÑO, head of the Division of tourism and leisure of Braintrust, “the increase in the importance of the customer experience with the price, which is still a major factor when choosing a provider, and new strategies of” loyalty beyond traditional customer loyalty cards, are fields to explore by tourist companies to gain a prominent place in this bull market, in which Spanish companies increasingly travel masy further.” Lines Aereasfuente: Braintrust 36% of the total expenditure of the travel company goes to flights, “being Iberia company used to travel both inside and outside of Spain to all destinations except North America, where American Airlines the” it exceeds 70% compared to 67% “, explains Braintrust. For national and European flights, Iberia (chosen by 67% and 63% respectively) is followed by Vueling (with 61% in travel within Spain and 50% on European travel) and Ryanair (with 52% and 44%).” Companies often plan their flights in advance, being 43% of companies which held reserves more than two weeks before the trip, although a 10% reserve still with less than 3 days in advance. Issues facing enterprises choosing supplier to make reservations are the price (with an average of 7 out of 10), the number of scales (6.1) and (6.4) times “.” The type of rate that hire more Spanish companies is the most economical (chosen by 60% of the companies). In addition, in 2 of every 5 reserves is used the frequent flyers of the airline card, being also of Iberia the most used (83%). String hotelerasFuente: BraintrustLos hotel expenses represent 34% of the total budget of business travel. Of this expenditure, 22% is intended for conferences or events, and the rest to reserves of rooms. For these reserves, the Spanish company travelers prefer NH (42%), followed by independent hotels (37%) and AC Hotels (29%). Location exceeds the price when choosing a hotel with an average of 7.9 on 7. “As important aspects, beyond the relationship quality – price or location, highlight cleaning (62%) and technology (wifi, mobile phone, etc.)”. More than 90% of bookings made by Spanish companies are in 3 and 4 star hotels where loyalty cards are just used to make the reservation. Only 17% of the companies using them, being NH again the leader. Rent to CarFuente: BraintrustEl car rental expenditure represents 13% of the total travel expenditure. By companies, Europcar and Hertz are the most chosen by the companies to rent a car in 52% and 44% of the cases. Typology of cars, categories with 44% B and C with 40% are the most contracted by companies looking primarily the relationship for money (58%), the flexibility to collect / deliver the vehicle (55%) and price (50%) when choosing a company of car rental, as explained by Braintrust. Portrait robot based on these data has been made an “identikit” of the average traveler of the Spanish company. “It’s a traveller who hires rate cheaper for business flights, provided that this does not have too many scales, is housed in 3 or 4 star hotels near the place of their meetings and who have wifi or other technologies “, and rent a car of category B, provided that it has flexibility to pick up or leave your vehicle”, synthesizes Braintrust.segun points José Manuel Brell, Co-Director of the tourism barometer of Braintrust, “price will always be an important value of decision, both for the leisure travel, as a company, but the customer experience and above all the flexibility and comfort that is offered to travellers is gaining positions”. Therefore, adds, “companies must change their priorities,” from having focus on the product to put your focus on the customer, offering added value and personalized proposals..

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