Time of changes between the spanish tourist groups

The issuer Spanish tourism sector has been turned upside down in just five years. He has assisted stunned the bankruptcy of the oldest group, Marsans, and of the newest, Orizonia. And with little transition time attends the birth of two other groups, Wamos and Gowaii, while Barcelo begins to transform and Globalia observed movements, as detailed in the report’s cover of the magazine Hosteltur.

Spanish emitter sector, already on its dynamic and changing, has given a twist in these last five or six years. If you look a sectoral 2010 photo and another of 2015, hard to understand that we are talking about the same sector and that have just passed a few years.

In 2010 the sector was dominated by four groups: Marsans, Globalia, Orizonia and Barceló. But that same year – second crisis-, Marsans bankruptcy and the rest is dealt their piece of pie. Gerardo Diaz and Gonzalo Pascual tried to save Air Comet with the circulating the Marsans Trips. Finally, and after the SOAP Opera e Posibilitum and his boss-“man of pure”, also called the “liquidator”, Angel’s place-, the entire group was dragged to the closing and their architects to jail.

Three years later Orizonia has followed the same path even if for very different reasons. A few reasons that the formula of purchase was decisive. And as the Fund Carlyle bought from Iberostar its CA division in 2006, still good, not to mention that two years later times would come the crisis. He hoped to pay the banks that paid to the benefits of Orizonia Iberostar. But although the Group gave money, was not enough to pay the banks.

Two new actors

, Almost coinciding with the collapse of Orizonia, in the sectoral Outlook appear two new groups that, in principle, were presented as members of one single. Another fund, Springwater, associated with the owner of Gowaii, Javier Díaz, bought from Royal Caribbean activity not PullmanturNautalia, the tour operation and Pullmantur Air – cruises, renamed Wamos. In this case, more than a new group, it was a change of ownership and name of an activity that already existed.

But just did need a couple of months to verify that what was going to be a love affair between Gowaii and Springwater eventually, sooner or later, in divorce. And the grotesque rifi-rafe starring the two partners in February let things clear. Gowaii continues on its way without having to Springwater, and both groups have expansion plans.

Barcelo switches, Globalia notes

On the other hand, the Barceló Group has plans for its travel division. It renamed to your travel agency, and following the growth of this division with the expansion of the network of offices, the airline and his team of tour operators, has quadrupled its size in three years.

Sector abound in the comments that speak possible future sales of that CA division of Barcelo. For its part, the property not said no intent to sell, but when it comes to business, if someone put on the table a few hundred million euros, the business logic is usually prevail. And, while the first Spanish tourist group, Globalia, observed these movements, faithful to the helm of his patron, Juan José Hidalgo, who is still looking for a partner to go out and bag.

Agencies sector has shrunk to half its size

These years of changes have coincided with the conversion of the travel agencies industry, while its traumatic downsizing started two years before, in 2008. In these long years of crisis, especially in the top four, this sector has attended successive waves of closures after summer sales, which has reduced by half the Park’s offices, going from more than 13,000 to the current 7,000.


seen needed in the sector, but which nonetheless has been less traumatic, when forced. The full report can be seen in the latest edition of the Revista Hosteltur.

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