The supreme court admits to pending request of the canary islands to suspend the privatization of aena

The Supreme Court (TS) has admitted to process the request for the Government of Canary Islands’s suspension injunction of the privatization of Aena, according to an order made public Thursday by the spokesman for the Executive, Martín Marrero, who added that the TS has also admitted the extension of the resource of the Executive against the agreements of the Council of Ministers on sale.

According to Marrero, the Ministry of public works also opposed these two issues requested by the Executive of the Canary Islands, and the Court “has dismissed them is”, so it continues the “battle” legal by avoiding the “spoliation” Canary Islands airports across.

Well, apart from the open front in the Supreme Court, Marrero has highlighted that in national audience is at issue does not call for the Joint Commission of transfers Canarias-Estado, ordered in July of 2014 for the management of the Canary Islands airports following the sale of Aena is delivered and under what picks up the Statute of autonomy.

Marrero insisted that there is a “reasonable explanation” for the privatization of the public body when it gives benefits, has criticized that “special interests” will prioritise and pointed out that this decision leaves “farther away” from Spain to Canary.

Enaire, matrix of Aena and private agent, said on February 10 that the precautionary measures requested by the Government of the Canary Islands in the contentious-administrative appeal by the Executive of Paulino Rivero, large “lack Foundation and possibility of estimation”.

Extension of the resource

The Government of the Canary Islands he filed a notice of extension of the resource interposed on July 11, appealing to 33.13 article of the Statute of autonomy of the Canary Islands, the Canary Islands autonomous community attributed the executive powers over the eight airports in Canary Islands where the State renounces the direct management of the airports (see(: Canary Islands will demand the Government if not it goes beyond the management of their airports).

On the extension of this resource, request as precautionary measures the exclusion of general interest airports located in the Canary Islands of patrimonial assets comprising the heritage of Aena and the incorporation of the information relating to the filing of the appeal in the prospectus for the IPO.

According to the booklet of the own IPO, prosper if such claim would result in transfer to the Canary Islands of these skills community, which translate into the possibility of issuing regulations to regulation for its functional competence, ground assistance to aircraft and passengers and exploitation of the area’s airports.

Nevertheless, Aena indicates that in no case affect the ownership to management by the airport manager, that has lifted the market to 28% of its capital, eight Canary Islands airports which are skills where not discussed the reservation in favour of the State.

Referred devolution, in any case, should be agreed by the joint Mixed Commission composed of representatives of the State and the autonomous Canary Islands provided for in the Statute of autonomy and subsequently formalised through the corresponding Royal Decree.

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