The spv manages to triple to ugt and ccoo in delegates in travel agencies

These figures mean that total 595 stewards of the travel agencies industry, the SPV has 338 and is most in 15 communities, UGT and CCOO with 94, with 93. In addition to these three trade unions, also have representation among agencies use (49 spread between the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands only), LAB (9, in the Basque country), ELA-STV (7, also all in the Basque country), and others (5). This growth has been increasing in recent years, and that 56.8% share of the total number of delegates who currently has assumed a considerable increase on a year ago. In fact, in mid-2016, the share was 49%. SPV already led the representation of Association in 2011, when comtaba with a third of share. That year SPV had 218 delegate of 665 total, 116 CCOO and UGT 196 (twice now). On the other hand, this level of representation allows the SPV 64,87% of members of the Bureau of the collective sector agreement, CCOO has 18.04% and UGT 17.85%.

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