The rural tourist senior key to combat the tremendous

Senior tourism represents an important segment of the market that should bet the owners of the lodgings, since it can be decisive for one of the main problems of this type of tourism: the tremendous. The Observatory of the Rural tourism, led by EscapadaRural, along with CETT-UB and Netquest, has released an infographic on the profile of this 50-year-old traveler. Its average accommodation expenditure is higher and they are more ahead to book.

Is that the problems that the cottages are empty during the week, according to suggest from the Observatory, can be solved attracting this type of client that has more free time, reason why practice rural tourism more often. Specifically the 86.4% carried out between one and three trips a year.

Also has an spending means higher, 52,66 Euro per person per day, while on the Spanish average stands at 44.2 euros. From the Observatory deduced that this difference may be due to your budget includes services of gourmet type or outdoor activities.

On the other hand, has also shown to be more proactive as it tends to make your reservation a month in advance, characteristic to take into account rural tourism entrepreneurs when it comes to their marketing strategies by.

With respect to the type of lodging that looks for this profile, the majority has indicated prefer bed and breakfast since usually travel as a couple, as indicated in 82.7% of the responses. Also the location of the farm is also emerging as one of the most important aspects for the traveller senior (52%), because it travels due to the natural charm of fate, leaving qualities in the background as the House provides internet, unlike the general rural tourist who greatly appreciates that.

In terms of the process of booking, 48.6% points your preference by close it via telephone while the possibility of doing so online. In the same vein, 55.2% reflected their rejection toward the recruitment of your stay via a mobile device.


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