The revenue manager must have a renaissance profile

The revenue manager, although it is still a rather unknown figure, according to noted Elga Castro, Director of Revenue Management NH Hotel Group for Spain, Portugal and Andorra, and Guillermo Cabrera, director of human resources at Meliá Hotels International, “is still evolving”, the truth is that it plays “a role determining the sale and commercial distribution strategy of a” Perishable product such as hotel room”, as Castro has indicated. To achieve this you must have a “Renaissance profile”. It is one of the main conclusions of the Tourist Talent Networking Event held in Madrid.

A profile defined as Renaissance since, as he explained Rosana Morillo, Director of human resources at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, it must be “a good commercial to sell their strategy both to the address of the hotel as to the organisation of the company; must be absolutely linked to the rest of the departments of the company” , so you have to be a professional who knows how to work with others; also been know to take risks, ability to adapt and be dynamic “.

Cabrera affects these characteristics that must meet the revenue manager, noting that, “Apart from its analytical capacity, must have influence to convince managers of pricing by set, and of decision making strategy to maximize the profits of the enterprise”.

Meanwhile Chema Herrero, CEO of Ormos Revenue Management Online System, says that “obviously you should know distribution, but also of human relations, to team up and educate people. Add creativity to your ability to analyze “.

In the case of luxury tourism this Renaissance profile becomes even more essential because, as he clarified Loredana Vitale, an expert in Marketing and communication of premium brands and luxury, “their work is not limited to a crossing of data, they must provide the product with greater authenticity and exclusivity because it must be made to measure for someone who wants to live intensely that experience. “He has to offer added value with creativity, what is very complex since the luxury tourism is a diverse and individualistic group”.

The revenue manager, as he believes Morillo, “not being replaced to other roles, but complements to other areas”; while Cabrera says that “are you can not do without a figure which, although it is more developed in other sectors, in the hotelier has starred in an explosion in the last 10 or 15 years. It has come to stay, it is picking up power and still we do not know to where it will arrive because it is playing many styles”.

In the DNA of the company

The key resides, according to Herrero has highlighted in “put the DNA of the revenue management in the corporate structure, to offer to your customer at the right time the right price”. In this sense Morillo has stressed that “it is a function that every day becomes more important within the company and must be fully integrated into the structure of the same”.

And is, in the words of Herrero, “his work goes beyond the change of prices, is a cornerstone of the present and the future of a company because it handles variables for the optimization of the results and business account. It is clear that if you don’t follow the guidelines or does not control them, the hotelier is losing money or earning less”.

Thus coincides with Castro, who guarantees that “during the crisis the key was not dynamite factor prices to attract customers, but to give value to the product that the customer is willing to pay, acting always with long-haul lights”.


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