The manga tourists first senior of austria and the czech republic receives

About 8,000 travelers from Austria will travel to La Manga, Murcia Region, between 8 April and 13 may, within the framework of a tourism program senior this autonomous community-driven to break the seasonality. The arrival of 7,000 Czechs, who will travel in groups to La Manga from mid-May through mid-October is also planned.

Bars, hotels and shops have scheduled different routes for leisure, shopping and beauty to liven up the stay of Austrian tourists.

Different preset groups, 1,000 tourists each, will arrive Wednesday in San Javier airport. Will be staying at seven hotels in the sleeve and one of Los Alcázares.

Mornings will tour towns and cities in the Region, including Cartagena, where they will visit museums and attractions. The afternoon will know the attractive shopping and leisure of the place where.

Explains the Councillor for tourism in Cartagena, Carolina Palazón, is 55 years and older tourists who arrive thanks to the efforts that have been carried out for several years to attract tourists from the center of Europe and that they have materialised in an agreement reached at the end of last year with the club’s travel Senioren Reisen.

During the first five weeks of occupation of the area volume is expected 95%.

The coming year will repeat other 8,000 Austrians during the same dates.

Tourists from the Czech Republic senior

has been also closed an agreement with other two operators in the Czech Republic, through which more than 7,000 tourists will tour the Region during the spring and autumn of this year, and also will be housed in hotels in Los Alcázares and La Manga.

The agreement with Quality Tours means that during 17 weeks will land an aircraft company with nearly 200 passengers in the airport of San Javier, which means a total of 3,400 travelers.

The other agreement, with Dolphin Travel, establishes the arrival of a weekly flight to the Region for 19 weeks will bring to more than 3,500 passengers.

Cartagena Councillor has been convinced the so-called effect all these tourists will have among his countrymen, “once return to their countries and speak of the attractions that have been found and the pleasant climate and your stay”.

A two year program

In October 2013, the Government of the Region of Murcia announced that 20,000 senior Austrian tourists would travel to this community during the spring of the years 2015 and 2016 through the vacation club travel Senioren Reisen.

Senioren Reisen is the operator of the Association of Austrian pensioners that go beyond 50 years of age and is composed of 387,000 members.

The estimates of income for the Region of Murcia were estimated at around 3.5 million euros they drive in the host tissue and local during the two annuities hotel, then the Ministry of tourism reported.


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