The lesson that leave us the berlin itb fair

The truth is that in recent years, have proliferated surveys and reports of all kinds that are trying to identify those risk factors that can slow down the arrival of tourists to a destination. Factors such as the terrorist risks; infectious disease outbreaks; crime rates; natural disasters; riots in the streets, etc. And in these surveys, the potential visit scored the risks perceived with greater or lesser intensity. But perhaps these reports on perceptions of risk should also monitor to what extent a potential tourist thinks that he will be welcome in this or that country. Here are some recent examples on setbacks in the arrivals of tourists to certain countries and the causes of those falls. The case of Turquiaturquia, for example, was a destination that registered continuous growth in the arrivals of tourists, among them German. Certainly, the wave of terrorist attacks suffered by Turkey in 2015 and 2016 curbed visitor arrivals. But don’t lose sight of either the diplomatic conflict between the Turkish and German Governments with regard to civil rights and detention of German political activists in Turquia.aquel episode angry enough to the German public, who stood on the side of his Government. The diplomatic crisis escalated so much that even in July 2017 Berlin ended up recommending to German citizens that they extremasen their precautions if they planned to travel to Turkey. See also Germany prevents their citizens about travel to estimated last year, Turko political crisis has been solved and more attacks have not been. So Turkey has been phased out from the front pages of the newspapers and the news of television of Germany. And there is no bad news about a country means good news for the tourist interests in such destination. The result we have seen at the ITB fair Berlin: reservations for travel to Turkey have soared by 67% for next summer. The case of States UnidosEl second example leads us to United States. According to the annual report of trends of the ITB of Berlin, in 2017 a common factor that caused the decline in international travel since the markets there was Asia, Europe and Latin America destined for the United States.” The Donald Trump effect is dramatic”with regard to tourism that has stopped receiving us, said Rolf Freitag, President of IPK, the company that makes the World Travel Monitor report. And it is that you for thousands of tourists from Europe, Middle East, Asia and Latin America, Donald Trump has made that United States seems now a country less sympathetic and open to visitors. Less hospitable, go. See also nothing slows down tourism… except Donald Trump.Si now they are thinking that this not going to happen to us, because tourists will always feel welcome in Spain, allow me to disagree. While he was in Berlin, a friend sent me this photo taken in Barcelona, next to a facility that handles rentals. A graffiti against the tourists in Barcelona.Como this picture, could teach a few more. I collect them. Beware the turismofobia. Now also think how we are going to explain to visitors the increases in tourist rates decide our rulers and who should pay the visitor. We will have to explain this very well. Are we doing it?.

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