The hurricanes of last year will cost 3000 m from the caribbean dollar

According to the report, the 46.7 million international tourists who visited the region of the Caribbean in 2016 spent $ 31,400 million which supported 2.4 million jobs. However, the hurricane of the 2017 season resulted in an estimated loss of 826.100 visitors in the Caribbean. Research suggests that the recovery to the levels prior to the catastrophe could take up to four years. Analyses Tourism Economics, a subsidiary of Oxford Economics, carried out revealed that “Travel and tourism” is one of the most important in the Caribbean economic sectors, since it contributes with 15.2% of GDP and 13.8% of the employment in the region. However, in half of the countries surveyed, the sector is responsible for 25% of GDP, more than double the world average of 10.4%. Gloria Guevara Manzo, President of the WTTC, at the Summit of this organization this week in Buenos Aires. Management Crisissegun management strategies according to the report, “natural disasters will continue lashing the Caribbean, perhaps much more frequently as a result of climate change,”.” Given that the economies of the Islands grow to become increasingly more dependent on the sector, is of utmost importance that Governments and destination management organizations develop strategies to minimize the impact of natural disasters in the long run e encourage visitors to spend so to return to the levels of growth prior to the catastrophe”, is indicated. Gloria Guevara Manzo, President and CEO of the WTTC, said that one of the strategic priorities of the WTTC is “be prepared for the crisis and have ability to respond”. That said, “this research helps the Caribbean tourism industry, both in its public areas and private, to quantify the potential impact of last year’s devastating hurricanes and to form alliances and implement policies that help to the” “region and those islands that were hardest to back on track”. Objective: reduce the recovery times “recovery time frames could be significantly reduced if Governments and the private sector to implement initiatives that support growth tourism and resilience long-term”, added Guevara.” The WTTC encourages these conversations, along with all of our members, we are working hard to support local communities in reconstruction and recovery so that we can ensure the resilience in the event of future crises”, concluded the President of the business association. Joy Jibrilu, President of the Board of the Organization of the tourism in the Caribbean and Director general of the Bahamas Ministry of tourism, said that “the series of events of last autumn was tragic for many” and that “an Alliance is the most effective way of supporting the” recovery efforts”..

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