The hospederaa de monfragae reopens after an investment of 22 m a

The Minister of promotion, housing, planning and tourism of Extremadura, The Moral Victor, has opened performances by expansion and improvement that have rushed into the Hospedería Parque de Monfragüe in the last ten months with an investment of 2.271.482 euros.

This four star accommodation, located in Torrejon el Rubio, Caceres, has undergone a comprehensive reform, from the woodwork to the baths, passing through an improvement of the energy efficiency of the building.

Also built a multipurpose for 216 people room, located in an area of new construction. in addition, it has built a new building for the gym and spa area, a service that “more and more users demand”, as reported by the Government of Extremadura in press release.

“Tourists can enjoy now a hospice modern, welcoming and sustainable, with the best services and perfectly integrated in this biosphere reserve”, explained the moral in the reopening of this tourist establishment Act.

It has been accompanied by the Mayor of Torrejon el Rubio, Miguel González; the President of the provincial Council of Cáceres, Laureano Leon; director-general of tourism, Elisa Cruz, and various municipal representatives from the region.

Adviser pointed out that this Inn that is “far assume a harmful competition for the tourism sector private region, undoubtedly will constitute a salutary lesson, as it did until its temporary closure by reform”.

Victor of the Moral has indicated that performance in the Hospedería de Monfragüe is part of a plan for the enlargement and improvement of this network of accommodation of public ownership that began in 2013 and which will be completed before the summer of 2015 with a total investment of over 10 million euros. Of them, 7.6 million correspond to civil works and 2.5 million equipment.

“With this investment is providing all the Inns of amenities demanded by tourists, better equipping them to its business management, improving its energy efficiency and increasing the accommodation places 10 percent to exceed the 530”, as pointed out the autonomic Executive.

Objective: attract more rural tourism

This inverter plan developed by the regional executive aims to attract more travelers, especially foreign, in addition to generating more overnight stays and increased direct spending of tourists in the rural regions where these establishments they settle Extremadura.

The Inns of Monfragüe, Valle del Jerte, Garrovillas de Alconétar, Alcantara, Las Hurdes, San Martín de Trevejo, Hervás and Llerena passed to count with a homogeneous services, thanks to which will be more attractive and effective marketing.

Aims to offer similar services in all of them: “quality products from Extremadura-based cuisine”, salons of multiple uses for activities that revitalize the region, sports facilities, gyms and spas, allowing to extend the stay of customers.

In this line, the regional executive wants that the inns are the “flag of new Extremadura tourism”, “quality, sustainable” tourism, that respects nature and that take advantage of the multiple environmental, livestock, cultural and gastronomic resources available to the regions where these infrastructures are located.

14.5 m of direct income

the regional head of tourism has also been reported from the latest data from the tourist centre of Extremadura on travellers arriving in the National Park.

, A total of 52.078 tourists stayed in hotels and extrahotel (cottages, apartments, campings) of Monfragüe and its area of influence, giving place to 108.973 overnight stays and direct revenues for the region of 14.5 million euros only in relation to accommodation, meals, entertainment and souvenirs.

Del moral has remarked that these figures may increase “substantially” in the short term thanks to the promotion that is carried out in the area and new investments and equipment available to.

“The Government of Monago is taking care of Monfragüe like no other and an example of this is the adoption of the first Master Plan for use and management of Monfragüe and the development of a plan of 5.5 million euros to improve the purification of wastewater in nine municipalities of the area of influence of the Park”, has secured.

Advisor highlighted investments made or scheduled amounting to more than 18 million euros in new infrastructures in the park there in little more than three years.

“Have promoted the center of information and the Plan of accessibility Villarreal of San Carlos, very important for persons with reduced mobility; the center of reception of visitors of Malpartida, the interpretation of the footprint of man in Monfragüe and the helibase from Serradilla; We have appropriate also the viewpoints of the jump of the Roma and we buried power lines,”recalled.

Also the Rubio has been opened in Torrejón a center of interpretation of rock art, an Observatory of the sky and the Monfragüe Birdcenter, which strengthens the offer for bird watching enthusiasts.

Also, along with the central Government, is being also spent 6.9 million in the Centre’s reception of visitors of the Park national of Monfragüe in Villarreal de San Carlos, and 900,000 euros will be allocated to develop this year the green route of La Bazagona for hiking routes and bicycle.


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