The fusion of the ski resorts of asturias and lean in the air

Ski slopes of Winter supplies, in Aller (Asturias), and San Isidro, in Leon, come working for some time in order to unite its facilities and constitute the largest station of the Cantabrian mountains. They have even promoted a common ski pass. However, the price of the connection to the electrical network which has been built to serve the area has led to a major disagreement that threatens the project.

The fusion of the stations is a project sued long ago both by users and by the companies involved in the ski. In fact, this year held joint promotion strategy initiated last winter season, when they launched a joint ski pass for Leonese stations of San Isidro and Leitariegos and the Asturias of Winter supplies and Pajares.

Enhancements requiring the project highlights the electrification of the area, both for own stations to provide service to the urban development that has been conducted in recent years. The Diputación de León has invested 12 million euros in the installation of a power line, that two years ago gives service to San Isidro and its area of influence .

in last September del Principado de Asturias agreed to provide energy to its station with the line from Leonby paying the amount of the contracted power to the provincial institution. The agreement, which had been delayed by the lack of budget and the need to adjust the deficit, sets a term of five years for Asturias to pay the nearly five million calculated by the Leonese institution.

Terminating thus the last obstacle to the merger, since the Covenant facilitated the electrification of station supplies of winter, uan indispensable condition for the union. However, new pricing policy determined a few days ago from León has tension again the relations between both parties.

The agreement signed with Iberdrola

includes a clause that requires management, particular (housing estates or blocks of flats), or any company who wants to engage this tended to be paid to the provincial government. Complaints received by the users by the high cost involved in this process, the institution has decided to reduce the price with a system of bonuses. However, the lowering of the tariff does not include to the demand of energy sources of winter, which works with generators, has caused major upset in the Asturian autonomous community to the point of leaving in suspense the possible union of stations. This installation will have to assume full payment of megawatt need.

From Leon argue that Asturias refused to pay 50% of electrical lines, while the director of sport of the Principality, José Ramón Tuero, says that “there was never an agreement firm that Asturias will finance 50% of the line, only were drafted working drafts that failed to materialize”.


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