The congress centres improve their business figures after the fall of 2013

Centers grouped in the Association of congresses palaces of Spain (APCE) welcomed 4.632 events in 2014, about four million people. An activity that generated an impact of 1.3 billion euros for its destinations, 8.3% more than a year ago.

With 1.3 billion euros generated, directly and indirectly, through the palaces of congresses in 2014, this activity recovers the figures of two years ago, while in 2013 the business generated by these centers desdendio 7%.

2014 4.632 events is the following forma:


-A total of 386 conferences, with the participation of delegates 513.194.

-Held 277 conventions, with an attendance of 266.392 people

-The Conference amounted to 1.113, 587.660 attendees.

-Other acts, such as cultural or exhibition events, totaled 2.856 attended by 2.562.772 people.

in general, the number of events recorded an increase of 3% and the assistants, 5%, in relation to the previous, although in the case of the Congress year, growth was 8% and 20% of the participants therein.

In what regards the Conference, his assistants grew 11% and 28%. The events categorized as “other”, are kept in 2013 figures.

The report of activity of this group thus confirms the recovery of corporate events, the most affected so far by the economic crisis.

According to José Salinas, Chief Managing Director of the Palacio de Congresos of Valencia and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the pace, “the increase in activity experienced in 2014 is the result of the policy of competitiveness and continuous effort has been promoting since APCE, whose Associates, despite the difficult economic climate“”, they have opted to always an supply of quality, innovative and highly technological”.


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