The ceav resource could stop the contest of the cora

As it ahead of this newspaper, the Spanish Confederation of travel agencies (CEAV) has filed a special appeal against the centralized contract service of Agency of travel of the General Administration of the State (CORA), with the Administrative Court Contract resource Central. The employer considered that not ask an agency to set air prices and also considers that competition rules discriminate against agencies that are not integrated into a group with companies air, which means that Hawk party advantaged by having Air Europa e n the Globalia group. CEAV filed the appeal on 22 December and hoped that the response of the Court is about to occur. If the Central Administrative Court of contractual resources admits procedure resource, competition would be paralyzed waiting for judgment. That would mean a possible delay in the implementation of the new contract, scheduled from April 6, which would lead to a new extension to the current Manager, Viajes Halcón, precisely the Agency against whom the appeal of CEAV argues discriminatory treatment for the rest. However, the employer itself considers ’very difficult’ that the resource is supported. Should be recalled that on 4 January the deadline for admission of offers was locked, and Falcon and travel were presented the English Court to five batches, and UTE Nautalia-IAG7 to lots 1 and 2. On 12 January the bids and on 1 February were opened (if the CEAV resource does not prevent it) technical bids will be opened. The Ministry of defence, together with the Interior, make up lots more profitable competition. The new contract has a value of 71.4 million euros per year for a duration of two years, extendable two others, which could add a total of 285.6 million. Of this total amount, 160 million correspond to lots 1 and 2 (defence and Interior). The rest of the are: lot 2 (Ministry of economy, industry and competitiveness, Ministry of energy, tourism and Digital Agenda, Ministry of finance and public service), lot 3 (Ministry of affairs Ext. and Coop, Ministry of the Presidency, Ministry of) Education, culture and sport and Ministry of Justice), and the batch 4 (Ministry of agriculture and fisheries, food and environment, Ministry of employment and Social Security, Ministry of public works and Ministry of health). It should be remembered that Avoris and CWT announced that they waived to enter this contest just for similar reasons that wields CEAV in its appeal, the impossibility for an agency to ensure the rates of providers. On the contract for the CORA should be recalled as published by this newspaper: resource CEAV against the CORA by airfares agencies are prepared to compete with Falcon for the travel of the El CORA CORA will pay 23% more agencies who earn the CWT competition waiver to CO RA for the same reasons that Avoris the lots 1 and 5 of the CORA added almost 60% of the contract.

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