The big spanish operators compete for the senior market

These last few months have been characterized by various movements of large agencies and issuing market Spanish operators, which have in common the interest by the senior of the market segment. While the UTE Mundiplan (which leads Iberia) competes with Globalia and Barceló (which integrated the UTE Mundosenior), and travel group Logitravel Imserso, Viajes El Corte English (VECI), on the other hand, have launched Vacation Club.

Once the crisis seems to be seen through the rearview mirror, as a long and hard period of six years which is lagging behind, the largest Spanish issuers groups begin to remove drawers expansion strategies, that the recession forced them to delay waiting for better times.

One of these plans for diversification and growth is targeted at one of the niche markets with the most potential, the market consisting of customers over 60 years or senior tourism. A segment which, if there is some catastrophe that question of retirement pensions, expected you will experience a growing, given the increasing expectancy of life and increasing volume of retirees in very good condition to travel, and with acceptable purchasing power.

This large Spanish tourist groups have understood it, and they have put hands to work. The most obvious case, and also the most daring and imaginative, has been the initiative of Viajes El Corte Inglés, which after the Holiday Club, mark has just been launched to the market, through all agencies (not just their own), with the aim of turning it into the leading tour operator of the senior segment in a few years.

And, at the same time, the Holiday programme for the elderly subsidised by the Imserso, tradition this year has had more and fiance than ever, and more weight. In fact, the competition to manage those travel Imserso has attracted start-ups in these disputes of markets, as it is the case of Iberia, which has decided to lead the joint venture Mundiplan, in which it shares ownership with Gowaii, Alsa and IAG7.

A contest which has also gone Logitravel group, in what is the first time that an agency online competes for Imserso trips. And as a third contestant, Mundosenior (UTE Globalia and Barcelo), which aims to maintain their status of those travel operator, whose management has been doing for more than 20 years.

On the one hand, Viajes El Corte Inglés has chosen not to attend the contest with the idea to be competitive against the Imserso (although the leading agency prefers to speak of complementarity) without subsidy, and betting on the quality at reasonable prices.

And, on the other hand, Mundiplan has bet very strong the more aggressive economic bidding of the contest of the Imserso, with discounts averaging 20%. An offer which Mundosenior is assessing the challenge, in an attempt to not resign themselves to losing a few trips that has been managing more than two decades.


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