The best tourist rate of europe will be the catalan

So yesterday defended it the general director of tourism of the Generalitat, Marian wall, who participated in a discussion on the tourist tax organized by the School of tourism CETT Barcelona.
< br / > wall argued that, unlike the tourist rates that apply in other countries, the new tax that will be implemented in Catalonia do not penalise family tourism (as children under 16 years will be exempt from paying); nor harm long stays (will be charged a maximum of seven nights) and provides for exceptions for social programmes of tourism.
< br / > in Addition, as noted the director-general of Tourism, the new tax will also establish territorial differences between Barcelona, where there is a greater presence of four and five star hotels, and the rest of Catalonia.

Precisely because of the special status of the Catalan capital, that have specific sections for the tourist rate, Barcelona will raise 24 M € due to their special status.

In any case, wall also remarked that the new tax has been approved “in consensus” with the sector.

added that, legally, it won’t be a rate strictly speaking (as it should be linked to the consideration of a service) but a tax on overnight stays in establishments regulated, as well as cruises.

[The cruise sector has expressed his discomfort by the introduction of the rate, as Hosteltur will collect in a next edition].

valuations < br / > < br / > participated In the debate yesterday in the CETT several representatives from the private sector, including Miquel Gotanegra, President of the Association of Arts in the Alt Empordà.

“can say welcome rate, because we don’t like everything that increases the price of the stay. But thanks to the Generalitat conversations that have had working with the sector to reach a final agreement. Have been tough negotiations “, said this business representative.

“now that rate is a reality, we have to try which is applied in the best possible way and in this sense we still see many lagoons,”added.

Regulation, next step < br / > < br / > To this concern, the general director of Tourism of the Generalitat indicated that the private sector will also participate in the definition of the regulation, where the fate of the fundraising will be set.

according to wall, “is now when it comes to doing good rate”, well, manage it or it will have been a failure: with a good regulation, mechanisms of fundraising agile and flexible, earmarking the money to tourism, etc”.


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