The average expenditure per foreign tourist rises 57

Foreign tourists who visited Spain to last January spent 3.402 million on their trips (including transport and contracting services from their countries of origin), a 9.5% more compared to the same month of the previous year, according to the official survey Egatur. The average expenditure per tourist rose 5.7%.

According to the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism, said the volume of expenditure “marked the highest historical series record for that month”.

“The rise was due to the increase in the number of tourists (3.6%), both of average expenditure per tourist, which rose by 5.7%, reaching EUR 1.073, and the average daily spending, whose rise from 8.9% placed it at 114 euros”, added the Ministry.

The United Kingdom, with 544 million, stood as the first issuer of expenditure, followed by Germany, with 512 million, and the Nordic countries, with 421 million.

Type of accommodation, form of organization and purpose of the trip

tourists who chose hotel accommodation spent 2,069 million euros, up 9.3%, picking up 60.8% of the total, while the expenditure of those who chose no hotel accommodation rose 9.8%, reaching 1.333 million.

The Organization of the trip without tourist package, which totaled 2.317 million, it rose by 12.5% and was 68.1% of the total.

Tourists with package tour spent 1,085 million, option that it rose by 3.6% and 31.9% of the total meant.


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