The 10 golden rules to improve the web pages of the hotels

1 ask yourself the right questions before taking action is necessary to make an exercise in introspection, answer some questions which allow to develop the full potential of the web: what objectives are pursued, audience, the hotel is directed what budget is handled, you will choose an agency or an independent developer, who will perform the maintenance of the web. If you decide to outsource the work, the person in charge must be knowledgeable of hotelier needs. 2 quality has a price given the ease to add content and make the design, is often recommended to create the page from platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and other CMS. Companies that provide computer services offer a wide range of prices. Rates usually include designs preset, away from complete and original results. The minimum investment to get a web quality and well programmed is located about 1,500 euros. 3 simple, logical structure and design responsive general rule, any information of interest to visitors should not require more than three clicks on the other hand. In browsing the web, the predominant elements should be clarity and logic, placing those most relevant to the home. Customers use their mobile devices and tablets more and more in their daily lives, so the page has to integrate the known design responsive, enabling it to adapt to any kind of device. Logis tips for the creation and maintenance of an effective hotel website. 4. content is King experts point that Internet users spend seven seconds in a new page. And, as the expression says, the first impression is that it counts. In these few seconds the visitor must be an idea of what kind of hotel is located, what distinguishes it from the competition and why you should choose it as accommodation. Trust is another key aspect: when the objective is to promote online sales, the user has to believe what he sees. To gain in dynamism and maintain a presence in the search engines should be adding content regularly. Content that value, is easy to understand and well structured, avoiding long paragraphs and the overuse of keywords when not necessary. 5. a picture is worth more than thousand words if the content is the King, the image is the Queen. The images constitute the element from which you can capture the attention of visits. For this reason one of the best investments that the hotelier can make is to include in the web images taken by professional photographers. Poor quality or pixelated photos may cause rejection among users and give a negative image of the establishment. Also, if these are too heavy for their size they can slow the speed of loading the page, another disadvantage for navigation. 6 translation into key languages selection of languages to translate the web should be subject to the target of the hotel and the origin of the customers. Logis recommended to translate the page to at least two foreign languages. 7. legal considerations all web site must comply with certain legal obligations and include aspects such as the name of the editorial Manager, hosting information, the webmaster name, certification number and a note on intellectual property. 8 bases to optimize the web users most expect that the page you visit is loaded quickly, in two seconds or less. This, together with the responsive design and the inclusion of strategically placed keywords, contributes to the good positioning of the web and usability of the visitors experience. Otherwise the abandonment of the page is something practically immediate. 9. social networks out on the first results of the search engines is one of the objectives that the hotel should pursue. Here comes into play the SEO positioning where to climb positions in the ranking, priority is given to the quality of the contents, among other factors. Social networking, so present in the digital age, will be allied to build a business model. However, not by being present in numerous networks means that it is doing a good job. To get the most out it is necessary to be active and publish content of value to fans. Sometimes it is more beneficial for hotelier privilege one or two networks and keep them well cared to be in all half inks. As effective action in this area also includes the creation of a blog, that will be updated regularly with information of interest to regular and potential customers. 10 Google Adwords spend a lot of money in a campaign of Google Adwords does not mean automatically succeed. Logis recommended to organize and give name to the campaigns and advertisements clearly; actions targeting distinct geographical segmentation to reach potential customers; and use the planner of Adwords keywords to identify the words most sought by the target audience of the hotel.  .

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