Tenerife approves its tourism strategy 2012 2015

Strategy for the next four years represents the revision of the hitherto existing (2008-2011), updated and adapted to the new economic and social reality Island, regional and global.

Developed by the entity dependent on the Cabildo, the process began in mid-2011 following a deep internal analytical work, and has counted with the participation of the sector and experts in different areas, who have contributed their vision and experience.

2012-2015 Tenerife tourism strategy is divided into 11 major objectives. The first of these is the referral to the improvement of tourism space, area where he will continue to work for the regeneration of areas, accessibility, respect of the environment and sustainable development. In fact, Tenerife has already announced that it will allocate four million euros to the regeneration of tourist places, according to published news HOSTELTUR tourism.

The second objective concerns the improvement of the tourist offer, with the revitalization of the business sector and the revitalization of segments of activity among its lines of action. Thirdly, connectivity continues to occupy a prominent position in the strategic plans of the island, with special attention to the impulse of new connections and increase capacity, support for the airline industry in actions of promotion and recruitment of cruises.

Differentiation in the tourism promotion

Differentiation and effectiveness of tourism promotion are also fundamental aspects in the document, which collects the specialization of promotional content according to the segments of demand strategic Island, participation in events of interest to the consolidation of communication platform as goal number four with the tourist destination.

As fifth aim is boost promotion and communication online, which stands at webtenerife.com as the official source of tourism in the island and is committed to enhancing the visibility of Tenerife in the social networks, among other issues. Knowledge and information as fundamental elements for tourism management, the image of the destination or tourism planning are the aspects in which the sixth focus.

-The building of a true culture of innovation is the objective number seven, while the eighth focuses on improved coordination of operators in the sector in the management of the destination, with particular emphasis on the activity of tourism of Tenerife and in cooperation between the public and private sectors.

The target number nine puts the focus on the need to involve society Tenerife tourism, for tenth place place the professionalization and training in the sector.

Finally, the approved document collects in its goal number 11 the reformulation of the Tenerife tourist positioning, the redesign of the communication strategy towards the outside or the monitoring of the use of the image of the island by internal and external tourism officials.

Tenerife tourism sector approaches

Of the Board of Directors of tourism of Tenerife celebration at the hotel Beatriz of Puerto de la Cruz is one of the actions undertaken to promote an better approach to the sector in order to learn first hand about their needs, so that for this purpose next tips will be organized in other points of the island.


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