Suspended the prison sentence against the travel agent accused of defrauding a700000

The Audience Provincial de Huelva has suspended the sentence to a travel agent to three and a half years in prison and the payment of more than 700,000 euros for a crime of fraud against a Bank, until the Constitutional Court to rule on the appeal of pleads that it has presented.

Voluntary entry into prison was scheduled to close March 31. Thus, as he explained the affected, Natalia range Tirado, the Provincial Court has admitted the appeal of appeal that appealed to postpone the entry into prison until that decision the Constitutional Court, where filed an appeal to the judgment to understand there if any infringement of rights. In addition, range has requested his pardon to the Ministry of Justice and so has collected a total of 9,000 firms in 15 days.

Range has expressed his joy at this judicial determination that prevents their entry into prison at the moment and has relied on that TC takes into account your resource and should not prosper this measure, expected that the Council of Ministers granted clemency since ’not a scam”, but the services”, said. And adds that “I won’t stop until that occurs with the real scammer”.

Remember that the Supreme Court (TS) dismissed the appeal in cassation lodged by range, which was a partner of a company with two travel agencies Рone in Moguer (Huelva) and another in Valdepe̱as (Ciudad Real) Рand confirmed the sentence to three years and six months in prison and a fine of 2,400 euros and a bank 732.866 euros per a continuing offense of fraud, to consider proven that this, together with other partner Рsentenced to two years in prison and the payment of 42.908 euros, carried out Bank fraudulent operations with credit cards issued by foreign banks facilitated by a client, C.F., whose identity has not been able to be determined.

Range affects that is “the breakfast of this story“, so it lodged an appeal to the Constitutional Court, which still has not acted on it and hoped that justice be put on its side. In addition, pointed that opened that travel agency with great enthusiasm in 2009 and a year later was the “victim of a scammer” which, as he argues, bought airplane tickets with credit cards of fraudulent origin.


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