Strategic markets for operators specialized in high class tourists

Companies working with tourists of high purchasing power do not envisage major changes in its strategic markets for this year as well confirm that several companies and organizations consulted by this publication. Between different markets cited by each of them, all agree to highlight United States, whose citizens are increasingly more interested in visiting Spain. in addition, Excel other countries such as Australia, Canada and United Kingdom – first issuer market of foreign tourists to our country-Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile.

In A Taste of Spain, firm specialized in the Organization of gastronomical events for foreign tourists, remain the ’classical’ countries, as they define them in the company. That is, United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, although they suggest each time receiving more inquiries from Asian markets, Eastern Europe, Latin America and even Africa.

Taking advantage of the resources offered by the food industry and gastronomy in our country, this company develops programmes for travelers from around the world interested in our country through their products and culinary traditions. They recognize that it is a minority customer typology, but ensure that it is increasingly in more countries. And, therefore, try to respond to “a market niche that is growing” at a global level.

For Virginia Irurita, founder and co-owner of the Agency of receptive Made of Spain, its huge market for this year will be the United States. He admits that they have 15 years working with this country, since the opening of the company, but never as now they had seen so much interest in that country by Spain. “United States is a market that will go over, we are with 20% annual growth,” indicated.

In addition, taking into account the strength of the dollar against the euro, “this will be the large market by the volume of expenditure, the advantage of its currency and his enormous interest in Spain. They like our style of life, gastronomy and wine. They have begun to admire us now, had not seen that before”, says Irurita.

In the field of tourism shopping, for Carlos Delso, CEO of Jewelers Suarez and member of the Fortuny circle -Association of enterprises of luxury-Asia, in general, is a strategic market for this year, in addition to United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile. While the emerging markets of the far East will be those who present the greatest potential for growth and spending power. On the opposite side, expected a drop in travelers from Russia.

Of face to the future and in order to give response to new demands, from A Taste of Spain, indicate that “the potential offered by Spain to develop new products is enormous”. In fact, this company, beyond the restoration and Classic touristic circuits, in their programs incorporates unique experiences in direct contact with farmers, ranchers, small producers, wineries, chefs and local experts. Thus “open other sectors and regions to a higher value-added tourism, more sustainable and less seasonal than traditional”, explained. By way of example, he cited “the world of Iberian ham that we begin to develop for 15 years, working with private groups of travelers from around the world”.

The founder of Made of Spain says that “when I started 15 years ago, American travelers asked more art and architecture, but now demand more food, wine and lifestyle”.


On the promotion in foreign markets, by both public administrations and companies, from A Taste for Spain considered that is if not working more actively in the dissemination of gastronomic tourism, “our country lost a great strategic opportunity to position itself as a leader in this segmentto diversify the tourism offer Spanish, betting on higher value-added tourism”.

To his trial, “the Administration should design and implement a specific plan for the promotion of Spain as a culinary tourism destination, counting for it with specialized operators that we have spent years developing this segment. So we have been transmitting it is to Turespaña from the Spanish Association of wine and gastronomic tourism “.

Virginia Irurita, for its part, considers that, from the public point of view, “everything can be done better”, but emphasizes the role of firms and personalities such as Zara, Mango, José Andres, Rafa Nadal, Pau Gasol and even football teams, such as Real Madrid and Barcelona, “which are helping to disseminate the image of Spainto give us visibility “.

The Circle Fortuny Representative recognizes that appropriate initiatives are going on, but believes that “they are not yet sufficient to match us with the recognition of France or Italy”, large competitors in Spain on shopping tourism.

This story is part of the theme of home published in the revista HOSTELTUR of April


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