Spanair and mismanagement of the brand

Friday January 27, HOSTELTUR news tourism published the news Qatar Airways would not enter Spanair and the Government stopped investing. This fact was the trigger that, shortly afterwards, the second airline of Spain, Spanair, announced its closure.

The editorial team conducted extensive coverage of the case Spanair during all this weekend. The summary of the last hours of the case can be read in this newsletter: Spanair opens insolvency proceedings before Tuesday and all the news that we continue publishing on the subject will find them grouped and sorted in order of publication here.

The airline crisis has affected more than 35,000 passengers this weekend and means the loss of work for more than 2,000 direct employees, who, predictably, joins other workers in companies subcontracted by Spanair.

Against such background, airline, which had different corporate channels on social networks that could be used to manage your communication, has failed to make good use of them.

Spanair website

For starters, on Friday afternoon, shortly after the announcement of closure, the Spanair website was inactive and did not show any statement or notice to passengers about the closure of the company or on the procedure to be followed in case of being one of those affected by the closure.

This caused confusion, misinformation and, of course, outrage by concerned passengers.

The website

is the first site that users access to information in a case like this and more when, today, much of us access Internet anywhere through your mobile phone. For this reason, Spanair should have immediately published on its website (and not wait until the next day) the announcement that the cessation of the company, as well as detailed information on the procedure to be followed by the passengers who had tickets to fly with the airline.

The management of the communication on Twitter

During the first hours after the announcement by public address of the cancellation of the first flights in the airport passenger terminals began to Tweet everything what was going on and the network was flooded messages, news, rumors and all sorts of questions that, Spanair gave no response.

The last tweet of the official count @Spanair_Airline was a simple:

Good-bye but not before offering our sincerest
an apology to those affected and to thank the trust.”
to all, thanks

During the explosion of the crisis, Spanair remained mute and deaf before social networks. Only later, profile @Spanair_Airline has published some messages with unidirectional information on open information arteries, which are summarized, basically, on a 900 line.

If this was little, on Saturday, after the failure of the initial management on Twitter during the previous day, Spanair opened a new profile: @Spanairinformac, started with a tweet:

“# Spanair.” (nuestra cuenta oficial de Twitter está saturada
y hemos abierto este canal): updated information in “

Since then, provides information “to count drops” in both accounts, which helps reinforce the image of chaos, confusion and misinformation that the airline is offering in its last days. Does not respond to complaints and provides information, nothing more than that the go to the website of the company (which can only be read the communiqué issued on Saturday) and the use the 900 line.

The company Spanair Facebook page

FanPage of Spanair is another example of poor management of communication in social networks in a crisis situation. At 22:32 on Friday published in the wall a link to the press release issued by the airline. As you might expect, the publication received 190 comments on Facebook that not be yield response. Later, the company laid off with this message, which today boasts more than 500 comments, as no, no response from Spanair:

’Good night. Goodbye but not before offering < br / > our most sincere apologies to affected users (have < br / > information detailed in the article published above) and
thank each one of you the trust during < br / > these years. Thanks to all those who with your small grain of
sand, ayudasteis to build a dream that unfortunately today < br / > have to terminated. For the whole team’s Spanar was
a real pleasure to be part of it. Soon.”

the poor strategy of silence in social networks

The management of communication in social networks of Spanair had been entrusted to the Agency Muuby that, in relation to the case, Spanair, explained in this post: “the slogan was proceeding with the closure of channels without being proactive to our regret“.

I.e., that time for closure, Spanair orders were close and shut up. The only way of communication offered by the airline is a phone line, something that will require many more resources and time to solve the conflict than if the company had set up effective communication through the Internet and a combination of online and offline available to the affected channels.

Information through social networks would have served to minimize the chaos and the rumor mill during the first hours of the crisis and, in turn, corporate online communication services would have facilitated the work of the workers that, inevitably, will have to address by telephone complaints of thousands of angry passengers.

Undoubtedly the case Spanair will be reflected in upcoming books of social media as the example of How not to act in social media before a crisis situation.


I found more news on the subject, but the truth is that they do not provide much clarity to the topic.

Which was responsible for social media in Spanair, explains what happened on his blog:… but the information provided is still more unclear.

Among other thing says: “already arrived a moment in which there was more to say and we decided to dismiss us” what there was nothing to say?! :/


And then continues to add confusion with phrases like:
“for a few hours of the Friday night 27th to Saturday 28 lost access to the official accounts of Twitter and Facebook. Passwords we used to routinely enter our official profiles do not work, and it was not a hack.”do it is suggesting that agency carrying them accounts changed passwords and would not give them to your client…? So yes, I would say that that says…

And follow…
“Facebook has already closed the Spanair official channel for the claim of copyright we do from the legal Department of Spanair himself Saturday by morning.” does that mean that the Agency refused to close the page and the company had to apply directly to Facebook to be closed? This is rare, rare…

Some articles on the management of Spanair: communication

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