Skyscanner: “companies should ensure that the user experience is the same on any device”

Interview / the meta search engine Skyscanner has decided to bet heavily on capture mobile reserves, through its ’Mobile First’ strategy, based on the increase of 90% of demand through these devices which have been noticed in recent years. Director of business and operations, Jenny Herbison, strategy in this interview explains the reasons for this strategy and how it has changed the profile of the user.

do you think that by 2015 mobile toppled computers for travel reservations?

This trend is already present and is becoming clearer. Thanks to the remarkable improvements in mobile devices and the connections to the network around the world, are increasingly more users who seek and book their travel through their mobile devices, instead of from their computers. In addition, in countries where the population has limited access to a computer, there are many which are doing your first booking of travel online through smartphones. Also, we have seen a major change in the attitude of consumers around the world, since currently high disbursements made from mobile devices in the purchase of products such as hotels and flights. All this evidence makes us believe that book travel through mobile growth will continue, and especially through tablets. In addition, we believe that in the future, trips will be organized in this way by its availability, since they are available to hand at all times. In recent years, we have seen Skyscanner a 90% increase in users who visit us through mobile devices. Therefore, Skyscanner have adopted the strategy ’Mobile First’, which also integrates the concept of consumer as decisions, thus, continue to develop such products as a response to the large percentage of users accessing Skyscanner via their mobile devices.

what changes are occurring in the consumer with the growth of the use of mobile to book travel?

Have observed some interesting news in the way in which travelers used computers and mobile devices when they seek and book their travel. For example, the highest peaks in the searches and reservations from computers are Mondays at noon, while travelers who made their searches and bookings via smartphones and tablets, tend to do so during the night. especially on Sunday before returning Monday to work nights. In general, consumers do not show large differences according to the device used, therefore the travel companies should be worried that the user experience is the same in any of the ways in which access to them; either through a computer, a mobile application or through the company’s mobile web. On Skyscanner this fact has been key and one of the main reasons for which introduced the option to save searches, because in this way, users can access their searches through any device even if it is different and continue with them where he had left them.

which product is which has more growth potential through mobile? why?

On Skyscanner work in the development of all our apps with the same interest and enthusiasm. As we have observed, in the tourism sector companies should see as one of the main opportunities for growth of its product, the presence and accessibility from mobile devices. About half (48%) of the monthly visitors to Skyscanner, visit us through their mobile devices because of the great potential of all of our applications, we are committed to the advancement and adaptation of all travel to this type of media products. Tailored for mobile a product designed to be used from a computer will not generate best results, each bracket must be conceived as a unique, and produce the same experience to the user. Why mobile development we did for each of our products is based on balancing the information every consumer needs depending on the capabilities and limitations of screen size of devices that use. In addition, we prioritize that users have the information demanded in our mobile applications and optimized websites. For example, through market research that we conducted, we know that the price of flights directly impacts the decisions of reserve users. While in booking hotels, usually consumers focus on the search for the best hotel depending on your needs and not so much on the price. So we know that the best is in this case include a complete gallery of quality hotels and views of other users to make its decision in a safe way.

what has given the company the acquisition of Distinction?

The acquisition of Distinction in October last year has meant to Skyscanner integration of a talented team of designers and developers moving among employees. This accession, together with the recruitment process that we are engaged in the different offices of Skyscanner, is allowing us to accelerate the project of creation of an internal team dedicated to the development of mobile applications. The mobile strategy is fundamental to our industry and the future of planning trips and reservations, therefore have been working on the construction of our own application development team. After having worked with Distinction in the creation of our app’s hotels, we realized the strong connection that held both companies.


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