Rural tourism does not attract the milenials

The rural tourist, according to the survey conducted by Clubrural, is mostly female (73%). Also spending per person and most frequent night is between 25 and 30 euros (35% intended this figure). Then followed those who invest more than 30 euros (30%). A very small percentage, 10% only dedicated between 15 and 20 euros. Although not all age groups invest the same: on one side are young people between 18 and 25 years, preferring to spend between 15 and 20 euros, and on the other over the age of 40, who spend more than 30. In terms of preferences at the time of travel, 42% choose destinations that are more than three hours of their place of residence despite being weekend trips. 36% also invests between two and three hours. However, a reduced 2% does not travel more than one hour away from his home. Profile of the owner but it is also interesting to know in the hands of who are these cottages. Again, through a survey of owners prepared by Clubrural, 58,83% of entrepreneurs are women. The rural tourist is largely female, more than 45 years and spend between 25 and 30 euros per person per night. Image: Casa da Xeitosa (Clubrural). And again, are not youngsters who manage this type of business. In fact the 36,84% has between 45 and 54 years and 27.49% aged 55 to 64. In addition, 41,40% of these establishments was launched more than 10 years ago. Since then the descent of openings has been continued. 28.42% have between six and 10 years, 19.30% of households between three and five years, while in the last year alone it has opened 6.55% of rural settlements. Regarding workers who homeowners have, 73,45% of them says managing the establishment by the, but among those who do have people in charge of the business, 52,86% has only one worker, compared to 28.19% which has two. Only 6.61% has five or more persons in charge. Trends on the other hand, in these first six months of the year there are clear differences between the two quarters. January, February and March have just supposed reservations to the owners of rural tourism. However the second part of the semester if was important, especially for specific such as Easter, may bridge and San Juan dates; three specific moments that saves to the last months of the first half of the year. Where there is no difference is in the destinations chosen throughout this period. In both cases Catalonia, 19.56% of the reserves, and Castilla y León with the 16.18%, leaders are placed in these months. This top 5 is completed with the community of Madrid (10.38%), Andalusia (9.93%) and Castilla – La Mancha (9.20%). However, not all communities are equally important. On the opposite side are the Balearic Islands (0.25%), La Rioja (1.09%), Region of Murcia (1.24%), Canary Islands (1.4%) and Basque country (1.65%) as regions with less demand in the first half..

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