Resource of ceav against the cora by air fares

In addition, CEAV also denounced that it prime agencies integrated into groups that also have air company (case of Globalia), believing that it discriminates against other distribution companies. The resource it has presentation CEAV to the Central Administrative Court of contractual resources alleging that the tender “in breach of the principle of equal treatment and supposed lack of transparency and legal insecurity” saving policy It pursues the Administration, among other deficiencies in the award criteria. On a total of 100 points as a maximum score, the contest is assigned 75 to award criteria evaluated by formula; of these, 50 points correspond to prices offered on flights. In addition, the maximum prices for flights are determined for each of the different lots of back and forth with an origin and a destination determined, by assigning a weight determined in relation to the total number of flights corresponding to the same lot. It is cause of exclusion, to bid prices higher than those determined in the contract. From CEAV stands out in the appeal that the fluctuation of prices is especially relevant in the air transport, since each ticket price is set by the airline at each time depending on certain variables that evolve continuously, such as demand for the route, schedules, capacity of the aircraft, specific coverage of the squares of a specific flight, fuel costs, prices of reference in the competition etc. In this context, to Mercedes Tejero, CEAV Manager, “travel agencies acting as intermediaries between companies carriers and the end customer, so it is unable to determine a fixed price for a ticket on a particular route and which, moreover, is” keep unchanged during the next two years of duration of the contract”. For this reason, since CEAV means that cannot be as evaluative criteria the price of transportation, since we have a contract of service of travel agencies, not to a contract of transport services. Discriminatory on the other hand, adds CEAV, in this context of fluctuation of airfares, and although travel agencies may have some bargaining power with the various airlines, in General, they have no ability to establish the price fixed a ticket for the next two years, except that: (1) have a special relationship with a particular airline, because they belong to the same group of vertical integration, or (2) make almost random offers to fix prices, to conduct long It can be reckless. In the first case, the contract primary agencies belonging to the same corporate group as an airline since, in this case, you can have direct control over the prices of air transport and consequently apply very advantageous rates to that would not have access other competition agencies. For Mercedes Tejero “this is the case of Globalia awarded from the previous competition for the provision of services of travel agencies for General Administration of the State through its Falcon travel agency.” This business group includes, besides travel Ecuador, the air company Air Europe, covering almost all the air routes mentioned in the PCAP with the international strategic alliance Sky Team”. On the contract for the CORA should be recalled as published by this newspaper: agencies are prepared to compete with Falcon for the travel of the El CORA CORA will pay 23% more agencies who win the contest CWT resignation the CORA for the same reasons as Avoris lots 1 and 5 d the CORA added almost 60% of the contract.

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