Renfe launches a plan to get out of losses in 2016

Renfe has launched a plan which plans to balance their accounts and out of losses in 2016, as announced by the President of the railway operator, Pablo Vázquez, who explained that the strategy is called Renfe and includes a broad set of measures aimed at increasing the profitability of the company and the improvement of the quality of service.

Three days ago it was announced that Renfe had lost 209 M € in 2014. The operator is confident that this program begins to bear fruit in 2015, exercise which provides for “breaching substantially, but for good, the losses of 190 million euros forecast that fixed the overall budgets of the State (PGE) for the company and obtain thus a more favourable outcome,” said the President of Renfe.

The main measures of the plan drawn up by Renfe, include improving the level of occupation of the trains, optimize commuter service, take advantage of the announced purchase of new trains and the value of the assets of the company.

, The company has set as its objective “sell to the last square of each train” in order that the increase in travelers that the company has recorded a few years translates to occupation of trains increased.

In the first quarter of this year, Renfe has already raised three points, to 66% the average percentage of occupation that move their trains, with what it has achieved in just three months an increase similar to the one recorded between 2008 and 2014.

Match close to the bird

In terms of proximity, the company, together with Adif, final presentation of a national plan focusing on improving stations and raising the quality of service annually carrying about 350 million travelers in twelve centres of population. In this sense, intended that trains “work as well as the AVE”.

In addition, Renfe will continue with its plan of cost reduction, which emphasizes the decision of not renewing the services contracted with companies, such as cleaning, electricity, or advertising, among other management company. You may choose to return to get them in competition in order to improve the price and conditions of the same.

Advertising on trains

In addition, the company seeks to exploit the commercial value of one of its main assets, trains, and studied its use as an advertising medium the external part of the wagons.

Renfe also bet on new technologies, an objective in which limited its announced plan to deploy Wi-Fi in the train stations next month of June and on board the trains before the end of the year.

Online, also is part of the planned purchase of 40 new trains worth some 1.4 billion euros, to exploit the around of new 1,000 kilometers of lines AVE scheduled matching service this year.


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