Real benefit of organizing some olympics

This week the Italian Prime Minister Monti decided not to sign the document of support for the Olympic bid of Rome. He said that “the Government doesn’t want to assume new responsibilities that can weigh unpredictably in the pocket of Italians”. It would be an irresponsible move, a leap into the void. The reactions have been multiple and very different and inevitable has been among the most disappointed, indicate Spain and Madrid as an example: why them if and us not?

As Italian I felt relieved … at a very sensitive time and in a country where corruption is in the genes of many politicians, builders and in a city where, for the construction of the third metro line 30 years are taking and spending has risen 163% respect to the initial budget, I felt with a concern in less… However not have been able to remove me head doubt: it is, deserves to host the Olympics? It brings real benefits? I started looking for articles and studies that answer my questions objectively.

Among others found an interesting and new article of a noto teacher and American economist: Andrew Zimbalist ( in his article analyzes the reasons according to which it is or is not an honor to be chosen to host the Olympic Games.

I have summarized the most important aspects of the study in a table where you can see the strengths and weaknesses of possible Olympic Games:

(see chart on images)

Is surely difficult to reach a definitive conclusion. I’m still happy to the abstention of the city of Rome as Olympic candidate. I think that at a time of economic crisis in European countries it is not the ideal moment for us. It must be to be emerging countries that take the world stage. We can not make any mistake.Already.


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