Palladium added in 2019 to its portfolio of luxury bless brand

The portfolio of this brand lifestyle will increase in the future depending on the host that has customers with new 5 star hotels both urban and holiday luxury. Apart from the launch of this new Ensign Palladium is focused on the opening in October of two hotels in Coast women, the Grand Palladium coast women Resort & Spa, and TRS Coral Hotel. The Caribbean is precisely one of areas in which chain will concentrate its expansion, according to reveals the director general of the Ibizan chain in an interview with HOSTELTUR tourism on the occasion of Fitur news. “We are close close something in Los Cabos with the brand Grand Palladium. We focus on growing up in management model, we can grow all over the world but right now many sites in Europe, in the Mediterranean we are looking so much like this, and in Caribbean West”, details. Palladium added in 2019 to its portfolio of luxury brand management BlessEl explains that “we wanted to expand internationally with Only You. Right now we are looking at several things in Europe, we are interested in Italy and Lisbon, and if an opportunity comes in London and Paris of course aprovecharíamos it. Someday we’d also have something in Barcelona”. With respect to Ushuaia Matutes says that “there are several negotiations” to bring the brand to America or Europe but nothing closed for the moment while in the case of Hard Rock “we are looking in Spain such as Andalucia beach destinations”. Negotiations with funding to carry out this ambitious process of growth Palladium is talking to several funds, including Starwood, in order to expand some of its brands, according to Matutes recognizes although it clarifies that “right now nothing is closed”. The tour manager is convinced that the hospitality industry is going to tend to the concentration “as a matter of synergies” despite the fact that the creation of Giants do not always represent a benefit to the sector in question. Matutes believes that “being in our position we would have to be one that leads this process”..

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