Opportunities for recovery of regional urban destinations

The secondary cities do not have it easy, after being the most affected by the crisis by the fall of its target market. However, as it has predicted on the day of the tenth anniversary of Magma Hospitality Consulting Javier Illa, CEO of the Hesperia Group Investor and Advisor of NH Hotel Group, business will return to go up, though not without difficulties.

Tourism inside and the escapades remontarán to grow confidence in the economic recovery of the country. They are in fact already doing so. What will be more challenging will be to regain business tourism in these secondary targets, as acknowledged by Illa, “especially if there is no back powerful industries. “The hotels need to be supported in dealers, OTA, to reach the market, looking for differential products offer, supported by city councils that help promote organizing events, for example”.

In cases where there is excess supply or of low quality, adds, “their conversion, through for example imposes the use change, despite the slow administrative procedures involving”.

For Rodrigo Moscardó, CEO of Iberostar Hotels & Resorts for Europe and Mediterranean, it is essential to “identify what your niche market to exploit it; who is your customer and what added value you are offering.” It is essential to take your marketing. Therefore if there is oversupply in particular destination, you need to enter a new market segment allying yourself with a strong brand, whether it be a marketer, a franchise, etc. The key is to specialize to know what your customer niche and attract it”.

These destinations are revealed as well, as explained Bruno Hallé, partner of Magma HC, as “a field of opportunities for marketers Sercotel type, which are registering large growths in the past two or three years as a solution to the independent hotelier; international groups, with different management models; and white-label operators”, a model that already works in many countries but here it is incipient and still has a lot way to go”.

Urban destinations

Palma de Mallorca, Seville and Malaga were the destinations most cited by the participants of the round table who analyzed ten years of hospitality in Spain management when asked by the greatest potential for development. Illa praised “the enviable location of Mallorca, an hour of any German city and with good temperatures almost all year round, although with more short term than the Canary Islands, but with a present and a future unbeatable”.

It coincided with Moscardó, who pointed out the “bet 100%” of its chain by Palm, “a strategic site that is also living the entry of other types of products, such as small boutique hotels in the heart of the city”. It also highlighted “Andalusia, a fate undiscovered for its beaches, its gastronomy, its culture, with Seville, Malaga and Cadiz to the head; Lanzarote, an island which contributes more than Sun and beach and enjoys a fantastic connectivity, not only with the tour operation, and from all the European markets’.

Malaga highlights, according to Hallé, “as a tourist and corporate, city with a rich cultural, as cruise destination and with great connectivity. You must not forget having direct-to-New York flight practically throughout the year”. And that, in view of Illa, Malaga city Council has done very well, looking for issues that make it attractive to the target, giving tourists reasons to visit it”.

I found also cited the potential for growth of “San Sebastián, a city with very respectable average prices”.

All cities that ten years ago it was unthinkable that enter into the development plans of large international chains such as InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) and however now posed it is, as he has admitted Didier Boidin, Vice President of operations of luxury hotels and boutique of the group. NH, by the mouth of his Adviser, has also shown interest to grow into secondary cities.

Is that we are living moments of great change, as it has become clear in ’The transformation of the holiday hotel market, great investment opportunity’ and ’ hospitality, more professional and more sophisticated actors after the crisis’, published by tourism news HOSTELTUR.


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