Onahotels enter in the urban sector

OnaHotels Hotel Group has been consolidated in the holiday market, and facing years arises to expand also to the urban sector, as expressed in this interview its President, Carlos Barrau.

A group of family as ONAHOTELS, how has managed to consolidate and get to where he has come?

Our company is born from the commercialization of the timeshare. However, over time, we were noting the need existed to combine the management of establishments with the exploitation of the hotel marketing. Subsequently, grew through absorption of establishments that had been stuck between the holiday club and traditional hospitality.

what is what differentiates ONAHOTELS from direct holiday product competitors?

Direct competitors in the vacation market do not have two of our most consolidated resources:

1. at the beginning of each year, enter 50% of the budget of the housing through timeshare members fees.

2. in these years of growth, we have had to specialize in the management of operational resources and we have carried out technological strategies to sell 50% of the remaining space through the tour operation online. Within this field, we have developed a strategy, called Ona 360, with which we can generate more than 25% through our direct booking channels.

In 2014, ONAHOTELS has most of its owned hotels, arise to grow via leases or management contracts?

Our main interest is the lease, provided the hotel part matches the destination that we seek. One of the strategies in Ona 360 is the continuous analysis of the evolution in the destinations. This analysis provides us with a vision of well defined expansion with a high guarantee of benefits.

What are your expansion plans for the next years? what the referred destinations?

Now that we have consolidated our holiday product along the Spanish coast, Balearic and Canary Islands, is our strategic point of growth in the urban hotel. This expansion will take place in a selective manner to ensure its success.

We are a company with operational headquarters in Barcelona, therefore, our first phase will focus on this city, in which we hope to reach more than 500 rooms within a period of 3 years. At the same time we studied to Madrid as a strategic position. In addition, our indicators also set other destinations of priority as Bilbao, Malaga and Palma de Mallorca to a growth of guaranteed success.

How does the Spanish hotel investment market? do you think there are interesting opportunities?

Have identified different foci of evolution in our mercado:

Today, Barcelona has been heralded as a main target for international investors. I would even predict a high degree of occupation and evolution. But, there are also data, according to our analysis, which anticipate us that growth rate not may continue to be at the time.

At this time are analyzing large projects management or leasing within the destinations in which we are interested. However, we usually encounter difficulties in persuading investors that a different Barcelona destination can be more than double the turnover and a better return for the same investment.

what can contribute ONAHOTELS to the Spanish market?

ONAHOTELS has proven to be one of the companies with higher growth in the period of crisis we are going through. This fact is the result of combining several factors and cualidad:

  • a continuous and rigorous monitoring of the establishments that we knew in advance that had many options to be profitable after our management.
  • Not to deviate from the areas which we consider strategic for growth can assure. We have always had very clear the strategic zones of maximum growth.
  • Use our own technology and resources. One of our major investments have been in IT, Marketing and sales departments. We work daily with own development systems in constant update as ONASYSTEM. Elaborate Marketing strategies and sales that are in constant evolution. we have professional teams in all these proceedings and spare no r & d, since they are two of the foundations of our success.
  • The combination of the timeshare and the tour operation, has strengthened our knowledge of the end customer and allows us to use all the strategies and tools needed to meet your needs. In addition, we apply this knowledge to define our own campaigns, getting a great result of reservations in own channels. This factor is directly and positively influencing our results account.
  • From address to encourage leadership in all our equipment. We believe in them and they believe in us.

do you think that the current economic situation could affect the fulfilment of its expansion plan?

For nothing. We have very well defined our plans for expansion in the short, medium and long term. During the next four years, we will go to the Spanish and Portuguese market with a very safe and defined strategy. In addition, as I have said before, we are very clear what are the hotel pieces that fit into our process of expansion. will seek, analyze and if they conform to our roadmap will be included in our portfolio.

In addition, I am convinced that in 2019 will be very ready to enter the international market. Our objective is to expand the Caribbean territory with a certain volume of rooms and various strategic destinations.

The information that, due to its growth in recent years has come to us, your company will soon reorganize into a new brand. could extend us this information?

Is true, within our global strategy Ona 360, we have defined a new reorganization of our corporate branding. Due to our rapid growth, we have been forced to think about our brand. To date, ONAGRUP has been our hallmark. However, our company has experienced an expansion of our business lines and, therefore, we have seen the necessity of creating a branding strategy that would define very well each of our divisions and give an identity to each of them. All these lines will incur a global image of Corporation which will be released officially in a very short time.

If something we believe, is our capacity for growth and our goals. All these strategies have been thoroughly studied, analysed and implemented. We develop software, strategies 360 and train leaders. All this has made us believe in our large project. Our aim is to believe, create and dream.


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