Oca hotels in april will launch its new brand duerming

Galician chain Oca Hotels, most coastal tourist group, has announced that it will launch its new brand Duerming from this month of April.

Chain currently has a portfolio made up of 12 institutions, grouped under three flags, Grand Oca, Oca and the new brand, Duerming.

This new logo will debut on the market officially this month with the reopening after a process of reform, the hotel Villa de Sarria to be the first hotel that will be exploited with this concept.

As it has explained the chain, is a brand of functional hotels, where premium functionality at the level of facilities and the attention of the staff, will normally be units below 50 rooms and whose average price does not exceed EUR 50.

The new Ensign, will expand the options of adding new hotels within the expansion plan for the next three years and aimed at geographical peninsular Northwest.

New communication tool

With the aim of St.Vincent in provide communication with the customer, the chain strategy has worked in the search for an application that would allow a smooth and simple relationship, and has decided to deploy the justrequest application.

Oca Puerta del Camino and Duerming Villa de Sarria hotels already have it and in the next few days it will be implemented in other hotels of the company, including our establishment in Brazil Grand Oca Maragogi.

The new application, allows customers to communicate through your smarphone directly with the hotel, transferring reviews, requirements, etc., at the internal departments of the hotel, particularly reception, maintenance and floors. Avoid this way, waits for the customer on the phone or at the front desk, allowing communication at the moment with the hotel, from anywhere. The chain emphasizes that the implementation of great help to people with mobility difficulty.

For the hotel establishment, is having a useful marketing tool, having a direct messaging service with your guests, allowing even that prior to the arrival is reported to all services of the hotel customer, encourage the sale of the services of the hotel, upgrading of rooms, congratulations on your birthday, etc.

From the time that customer checks his reservation, Oca hotels will now have the opportunity to communicate with their customers.


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