Neuromarketing can you manage dopamine to your customersij

What is neuroscience? To give a scientific explanation human behaviour. From a medical point of view applies to look for pathologies. And when we apply neuroscience society, then already has much to do with anthropology and sociology. It allows us to approach to the reason for the choices we make. Then… do all act in the same way? To some extent there are very similar patterns of behavior that come by our evolutionary characteristics and other processes. Therefore, can neuroscience anticipate the behavior of a consumer? It allows you to anticipate a very high percentage. It is clear that the consumer is a free person who makes decisions, but there are a number of patterns of behavior. For example, does not give the same result label a product with a price of 39.99 euros to 40 euros. Anticipating the behavior of consumer companies get their products to Captivate most, to be most striking. Here we could also enter topics of ethics and consistency, because you have to captivate the consumer, but not fool him. Nunca.Antonio Ruiz would how progress has been made the marriage between neuroscience and marketing in recent years? Very well. The creativity of some gurus has joined the analysis of data and statistics collected by an infinite number of platforms both digital as physical. do different economic sectors that would better work neuromarketing? The automotive industry is undoubtedly one of the most prominent. And in the commercial sector, we find companies such as Inditex, which discusses a lot of consumer behavior. Another example to mention is Facebook, which has an entire floor of its headquarters full of neuroscience dedicated to analysis to anticipate the behavior of the consumer. And whether it’s sell trips, stays in hotel, etc would what mental processes of the consumer must be observed? Love the customer anticipate happiness. So that planning a trip often is very rewarding because increases in dopamine, the happiness hormone are produced. Therefore, the person who is going to stay at this hotel or enjoy that trip should anticipate all possible happiness… And then be consistent. In other words, when the tourists get there, keep those peaks of dopamine. A service without expectations, without emotions, will not be in your memory, you will not tell anyone, will be a hotel Conclusion? for the tourism sector. You always have to be generating the expectation of happiness, which then must be real. Because this will cause the generation of emotions positive, which in turn generates a unique experience which you will share, are you going to explain to your friends, family… And on the other hand, once the traveller arrives at the destination, the customer service is essential: it should be surprising, it has to Captivate. It is true that in the future we will go toward digital, but when you go to a place and the employee gets you a bad face, not say good morning or good afternoon… Your brain perceives it and generates a small rejection. That is why every detail is important..

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