Mobile Marketing for hotels: how to connect with your customers and be relevant

The key in the mobile marketing for hotels is to create effective ’mobile’ moments to connect with customers and to become relevant in the increasingly competitive mobile space. Thus it is noted in the study presented by Forrester Research in the Innovation Summit of the Association of Mobile Marketing SM2.

Forrester Research stresses the importance of understanding what he calls ’change in mobile mentality’ in the quoted study: the expectations of consumers that can get what they want in their immediate context and at the moment you need it.

In this sense, it is also important to know how must be intuitive Mobile hotel website design, according to published News HOSTELTUR tourism.

Jennifer Wise company analyst, said that “brands and marketers have to realize that customers are looking for an high quality experience, and that all the interactions that have marked are part of that experience”. Therefore he adds, “it is more than a change in the time that we use in mobile; This constant connection has led to a change in the mentality of customers “.

Expectations of the customers

Forrester data reveals that when they are interacting with a brand, 62% of the consumers waiting a mobile web, 42% an app and 23% experience geolocation. To meet these expectations marks have to create moments of mobile marketing.

The most important aspect to consider in the creation of mobile moments is to present an experience of high value. And is that, as acknowledges Wise, ’not all brands offer personalized services, but all must strive to do so, because if you’re not one of them it will be more difficult to create those mobile moments for consumers’.

Wise has distinguished between borrowed moments, moments of faithfulness and manufactured moments. Marketing professionals have to focus on the two last types.

Thus, while rendered moments are best to lead the discovery, the loyalty arise when customers use the phone to interact with the brand and deepen that relationship established. Manufactured to create opportunities for the user loyalty.

Learn from other brands

Brands should strive to be among those that offer more frequent and quality experiences. To measure success chains can establish appropriate reference points, see Net Promoter scores or analyze customer satisfaction questionnaires.

Forrester has unveiled several examples of brands that offer this type of experience from which others can learn when they want to create relevant moments for customers.

For example Disney, an already high-end brand, has presented this year its MagicBand, merging web, mobile and wearables. Thus, the MagicBand can synchronize with Park systems, facilitating the possibility of making reservations for dinner, handle requests from FastPass and even be used as the key of the hotel room. These applications benefit to the user, but also allow the brand valuable data as what hotels frequent customer or in which attractions you prefer riding.

Another example of strategy top of creation of moving moments comes from Nike and its running app. Although Nike is a brand of high quality, interactions may not be too frequent because customer doesn’t buy it shoes every week. Its application, which was designed to connect with the daily life of consumers, boasts 17 million downloads.

Brands that are identified as lower quality and less interactions should redefine their services and collaborators, with trying to associate with irruptores digital or even competitors. For example, the marketing professionals in sectors such as tourism, or restoration may associate with Mercedes-Benz Concierge app to be more exposed and thus increase the quality of the experience and achieve more interactions.

Not in vain, concludes Wise, “people uses the phone to get to something you. You have to be useful, and how to determine how can be it is to choose a strategy based on the quality of your company and to the frequency of the experience”.

Reference information is available at Mobile Commerce Daily.


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