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Frequently found articles, opinions or discussions that revolve around the idea of a change in Marketing. But, what does this change?, is there really a change?. And, in any case, what has changed?.

To change something should be amended to become something else.

so different, so different is now the relationship with our customers?

both can have varied the foundations and concepts of Marketing to some already consider it dead and honor him as only the memory?

Echo back, by way of retrospective and I am attending a customer complaint ten years ago. It is my client, is dissatisfied, they are three of the afternoon and flats not yet made your room. I am in this world 1.0 and there is my client with a rage of órdago I try to soften with courtesy and urgency.

Here my memory not alert me that something has changed, unless, we have suddenly ceased to be human to become pure science fiction, i.e. a metaphorical scenario where the error no.

Two days later my customer leaves: obviously did not put us a ten on the quality of our service but a skilful, quick and sincere internal incident response prevented us to suspend and at least stay with the hope that “progress properly”.

Then, a “16th” not harming both brand.
and there is where I think the change responds to its definition: what has changed is our exposure level.

The shock wave of a comment, an opinion impacts in the purchasing decisions of our customers. We went from a low intensity explosion to an explosion on the value of the brand. You see us in a different way, customer perceives us as what we are not as we believe we are.

And the worst thing is that most of the companies are still with their pattern of traditional to giving back to the obvious as if it were not happening.

Is not a supremacy of the 2.0, in fact the off/online world only reflects reality, constant that they should make us think about what we do right or wrong.

Ignore customers who read opinions/comments it doubles its intention to buy and that there are customers who are willing to pay up to 38% more for a hotel with positive opinions is infertile, reckless and dare I say foolish in the current landscape of the hotel business management.

To contact the customer, closer to it is a natural process that requires abandoning the steering role setting in self-centeredness and promote an organizational model capable of self-management and generate the necessary internal stimulus to strengthen the brand.

All we are sellers, all we should focus our efforts to meet the expectations of our customers.

Emotion is a value that is not in the number, but that makes it viable and transgressive when it is part of a corporate culture that focuses on improving the relationship with customers.

Will be then when the brand celebrate its “Valentine” particular every day of the year getting a way of being that it will make it different, better before your competitors, and your customers will not hesitate scratching his pockets for an unmatched experience and tell it in the first person.

And you, are “enamored” of your brand?


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