Lufthansa defends his system of personnel selection

The Chairman of Lufthansa, Carsten Spohr,

has assured Thursday that the co-pilot of the flight 4U9525, to whom is attributed to have deliberately crashed the plane of Germanwings in the French Alps was suitable for work and has defended the system of selection and training of the personnel of the company, in particular, of the pilots who are considered among the best in the world. “Even in our worst nightmares we could imagine something so”, has deplored.

Was 100% fit and his attitude was impeccable”, said Spohr press conference in relation to the passenger, identified as Andreas Lubitz, a man of German nationality of 28 years.

In this sense, has defended on several occasions that it was an “individual act”, adding that “da equal how many security measures are a company.” A case individual how this never can be excluded at all “, added Spohr.

Responsible for Lufthansa, who did not want to “speculate” about the motivations of Lubitz, has defended the protocols of recruitment of the parent company and its subsidiary, Germanwings. He said to be “proud” of this system, which includes technical, medical and psychological evaluation.

Both the pilot and his cabin-mate passed the tests and, in the case of this last, he began his training in 2008. After an interruption in training for reasons not revealed – it is not something “unusual”, noted-, the Copilot returned to the process and advanced to ascend to his current employment status in 2013.

Spohr explained that they will now see how can “improve” in the selection phase and subsequent training. In their explanations, has confirmed that Lufthansa carried out medical examinations staff once a year, but not obligating no psychological test after the phase of formation.

The cabin door lock

Access to the cockpit of the aircraft hangs from the inside from the 11-S. Following the attacks in which aircraft were taken pro terrorists and used as weapons, civil aviation introduced a set of door lock to prevent access by outsiders to the cabin and possible kidnappings.

Spohr explained that these doors even open firing on them with a small-caliber weapon.In the case of the Germanwings flight, before the accident the aircraft commander had abandoned cabin. The German airline sets only limit to these outputs that the aircraft is at an altitude of more than 30,000 feet, something that was fulfilled in this case.

With the Commander outside the cockpit, the co-pilot is left alone, since there is no obligation that another flight attendant access to ensure the presence of at least two people.

If the person found in the inside – and sees through a screen what happens out – do not open the door, the entire crew meets a number of door unlocking, said Spohr. However, the person in the cabin may continue blocking access and cancel the opening another five minutes.

The President of Lufthansa explained so far n or know if someone came to the code and if, from the inside, the Copilot remained locked door.


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