Low unemployment in 60000 people in march the largest drop in 13 years

The number of unemployed registered at the offices of the services public employment (Inem old) stood at the end of March at 4.451.939 people, after getting off at 60.214 unemployed from a month earlier, its further decline in one month of March since 2002, as reported Monday by the Ministry of employment and Social Security.

In March cutting, stop stringing two months of declines after having fallen in February in more than 13,500 unemployed.

March is a month in which usually falling unemployment, although there are some exceptions. The series, which begins in 1996, collects unemployment increases only in the years 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, coinciding with the toughest economic crisis exercises.

In the last six years, the registered unemployment grew in March by an average of more than 35,000 people.

In seasonally adjusted terms, the registered unemployment declined by 63.368 people in the third month of the year, “the best data of all the series historical in any month”, as highlighted by the Ministry of employment.

The Department Fátima Báñez has also highlighted that during the last twelve months, unemployment has fallen by 343.927 people, its further annual decline of all the series, with what the annual rate has been located in the – 7.17%.


unemployment dropped in March in all economic sectors, except in the group without previous employment, which increased by 8,611 people ( 2.3%).

Between the downturns, the largest scored it services, with 49.024 unemployed less (- 1.7%), followed by construction, with 8.847 unemployed less (- 1.7%); industry, with a decline of unemployed 6.893 (- 1.6%), and agriculture, which subtracted 4.061 unemployed (- 1.8%).

By autonomous communities, unemployment dropped in March in 16 of them, especially in Andalusia (- 10.737 unemployed), Catalonia (unemployed – 9.469) and Valencia (- 7.772 unemployed), and only came up in the Basque country, which added standing 510.

Formulas of hiring

in terms of hiring, in March occurred in the old Inem a total of 1.441.775 contracts, up 18.5% more than in same month of 2014.

Of all contracts, 144.291 were fixed contracts, representing 10% of the total number of contracting and that exceeds in 27.2% from a year earlier. In the case of recruitment set in time full, the inter-annual increase was 28.8%.

In March held 13.791 contracts of training and learning, 43.1%, while in practice contracts totaled 5.853, a 49.4% more with respect to March 2014.

In the third month of the year were more than 1.27 million temporary contracts, of whom 23.5% were possible due to circumstances of the production and 27.9% of work or service. In addition, full-time part-time temporary contracts amounted to 450.011 (31.2%).


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