Labor reform reaches the travel agencies discrepancy in wage tables

Yesterday there was a meeting of the Joint Commission which was repeated the confrontation of positions between 1.4% wage rise asking unions and 0.9% offering the business part.

according to UGT, “the last day February 7, 2012 took place a meeting of the Joint Commission of the collective agreement of travel agencies in order to issue the new wage tables according to the agreed review in the collective agreement. It moved in, according to the provisions of article 24 of the Convention, that the pay review known once the real CPI in 2011 corresponded to 1.4%, and should be applied with retroactive effect to 1 January 2011 in all the companies of the sector and from the social part”.

according to the Union, “in the same meeting occurred the first discrepancy, based on a ’surprising’ interpretation of the pay review by the bosses, defending that the revaluation should be “over the 0.9%. as a result, there was disagreement and tables were not issued wage. generated the conflict, the bosses pledged to move the debate to the heart of their management committees”.

in terms of the meeting yesterday, “the employer has maintained his position under identical conditions” according UGT, which adds the text and the corresponding records of previous years are clear and specific, establishing that it should be applied to the difference between the actual CPI (2.4%) and the expected IPC applied in January 2011 (1%), with the increase of 0.5% in respect of increase improving wage. Therefore, we have reiterated that the established wage review clause corresponds to: real IPC – IPC planned = 1.4% “.

greater flexibility

the Union points out that “according to the above, have moved to the workers of the sector are open to analyze, jointly with the employer, formulas of application different, but always linked to guarantees in the maintenance of employment””, issue that has not been well received by employers referring to situations of ’flexibility’ which allows the new labour reform”. Finally, the meeting had been postponed for next March 7.


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