Imserso mundiplan makes the most aggressive offer discounts up to 20

This Wednesday, April 1, at the headquarters of the Imserso Madrid, have opened three contestants bids to take over management of its programme of holidays for the elderly. The economic offer, which weighs 35 out of 100 in the tender, has been a discount medium on the subsidy of the Imserso between 18% and 20% in the case of Mundiplan (joint venture composed of beria, Gowaii, Alsa, e IAG7 I), considered almost “suicide” by its competitors.

Moreover, the discount offered to the Imserso through Mundosenior (comprising travel Barceló and Falcon UTE) has been an average of between 11% and 12%, while Logitravel has focused more on the technical offer and quality, and in the economic has offered a discount means 10%. The technical offer, weighs 65. The economic offer discount rates are an average estimate, since each lot has discounts, to have more than 50.

This means that 21% of the total of the price of the trip (which is the part that subsidizes the Imserso, the customer or user pays the other 79%) the three contestants offer above average discounts. This lower cost for Imserso would not be reflected in what the customer pays, but an increase in supply.

As they reflect the specifications of the contest of the Imserso, above a 100 index, the criteria for assessing bids on 35 weighted factor ’prices’, while ’quality’ makes it at 65. And within the latter, the hotel offer weighs 37, 20, transport 5 marketing, complementary health care 2, and animation in hotels the 1 remaining.

This year travel Imserso program is divided into three lots (instead of the usual four other years). The lot number 1 are trips to the peninsular coastline (accounts for almost 50% of the economic valuation), lot 2 are trips to Balearic and Canary Islands (more than 30%), and 3 trips to the interior and international exchange (more than 10%).

Possible challenge

Now, once known bids of the three contestants, opens a period variables, which may be two months, in which makers of Imserso study details to choose the operator who is awarded the management of these trips for the next two seasons, with an option for two other extension. A term that could lengthen significantly If any of the contestants did some challenge.

In this sense, during the opening of envelopes, the aggressive economic Mundiplan offer generated surprise among its competition, and it would not be surprising that one of the other two contestants lodged a challenge by the high offered discounts, so deadlines to meet the winner would be extended dramatically.

The value estimate the contract for each season is from 331 million euros, which represents a total of 662 million for two seasons, and coming to overcome the 1.2 billion by adding the extension.

In terms of the number of seats, as already said this newspaper, are increased in more than 40,000 reaching the 938.000, i.e., 4% after trimming of 200,000 people in crisis. This means a total of 8.4 million stays more of 300 hotels, whose reserves may sell about 8,000 travel agencies.

Remember the malaise that has generated among hoteliers criteria of this edition of the contest, where four stars from the three hotels will prevail.


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