Imserso logitravel warns that it would be illegal for iberia to offer best rates to mundiplan

After the opening of bids in the contest of Imserso, and in view of the 20% discount offered by Mundiplan, President of Logitravel, Ovidio Andrés, raises doubt that those discounts are only possible if Iberia (member of Mundiplan) has offered the best rates to that joint venture than to the other two contestants (Mundosenior and Logitravel). Andrew believes that if so, the CNMC could intervene.

And similar reflection makes on Air Europa from Mundosenior, whose joint venture is partner Globalia, group that owns the airline. in theory, both Iberia and Air Europa should have given us the same prices you have given to their candidacies. We assume that this has happened, but the candidacy of Mundiplan handles conditions clearly differentiating. If not, violate the principles that ensures the National Commission of markets and the competition (CNMC) “, points the President of Logitravel in statements to this newspaper.”

Ovidio Andres says that Logitravel presented “a discount that can haunt the 12 13 million euros, is significantly inferior to the 22 million Mundiplan. would want this to say that we were looking for a special benefit?” No, not at all, want to say that If you do counts, you plan a level of quality service and take the idea of fulfilling what you put in the paper, you need to adjust the price or will then have to make adjustments on the other hand, always to the detriment of users or providers “.

And then refers to an issue that considers the background of all this: “the problem is that here there are many interests vested and non-program of the Imserso in itself.” On the one hand, is Air Europa in a candidacy (Mundosenior) and on the other is Iberia in the other (Mundiplan). Both have big interests in bidding for the contest, which is operating many flights in low season, and are willing to go, anything to weaken on the contrary I know from what”.

Sobrecomisiones large agencies

And adds: we’ve gone to hoteliers, coach, receptive and airline companies, insurance companies, healthcare companies; “we have obtained the collaboration of all at prices that have seemed reasonable to us, and then gives us not to offer a discount of 22 million, nor raise commissions to agencies in a first year”.

, Ovidio Andres says that what “cannot be is to make a discount of 22 million, the major networks offer additional commissions disproportionate to that request (to us we have not signed by not entering that game) and give the feeling of that other options, including which represent”We are greedy, look for the exceptional benefit”.

And concluded: “it would be logical that the Imserso distance level and technical quality of the proposals submitted, the rest are simply being price wars between two parties that are played much, which are possibly violating the free competition and which are in a destruction of the contrary too dangerous for many workers in the sector”.

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