How is airbnb regulated in the cities of the world with legislation

The United Kingdom has just approved a law to promote collaborative economy, with which it is already legal to rent the residence without having to ask for permission or license to the authorities, according to sources of Airbnb. Thus joins other destinations where there is already this regulation, such as Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, Hamburg and some cities in the United States.

United Kingdom

The new legislation will replace, as acknowledged by the British Minister of housing, Brandon Lewis, “impractical and obsolete laws dating back to the analog days of 1970’s”, avoiding the owners “bureaucracy and paperwork“. For this reason the Minister rejoices that “we have been able to update laws and adapt to the 21st century digital age. Anyone wanting to rent his home in London for a short period of time, can now do so without having to pay for a local permit”. The limit in the British capital is on a maximum of 90 days per year.

This regulation is part of a series of measures designed to support the collaborative economy in the country, which were announced by the Government last week. These include:

-ease that the hosts can obtain the permission of the owners to share house updating the official lease model, so they can do by default.

-Encouraging officials to use collaborative economy options on your work trips.

-Carry out ’sharing cities’ local pilot projects in cities such as Manchester and Leeds, to explore the potential of collaborative models of transport, public spaces, health and social care.

These measures were announced along with annual budgets and are based on the findings of an independent report commissioned last year about collaborative economy, claiming that e l United Kingdom should aspire to lead the world market.

Are now more than 39,000 dwellings that are advertised on the Airbnb platform in the country.

San Jose (California), Washington DC and Chicago (USA)

The city of San José passed a law last January that lets residents share their home. From February 1 Airbnb collects and forwards the tourist taxes on behalf of users. In Washington, DC and Chicago has begun to do so on February 15.


After a public consultation, the city of Milan pledged in January to regulate the activities of the collaborative economy.


Amsterdam and Airbnb authorities signed an agreement last December to promote the responsible housing Exchange and simplify the payment of tourist in the city tax, according to published News HOSTELTUR tourism in ’Airbnb will raise the tourist rate in Amsterdam’.

The agreement sets out the commitment of Airbnb hosts provide clear and accessible information on the legislation, which will be required to actively declare that they understand it and comply before posting your ad. The platform, on the other hand, collects and forwards to the authorities imposed tourist since February.

San Francisco

Airbnb is already legal in San Francisco, its headquarters city, after signing an agreement in October to raise the rate and the tourist tax on behalf of its users. That same month, the city approved a regulation that legalizes completely the possibility of renting your home.


In March 2014 was approved the Alur’, by which anyone who live in France and have a House on property can rent it without having to ask for a specific permit to the City Council or local authority, provided that that is their primary residence. The same law also allows rental for short of the second residences, although leave cities the criterion for imposing additional requirements.

A month before the City Council of Paris and Airbnb reached a compromise to raise the tourist rate. (See also: ’Airbnb will have to raise the tourist tax in France’).


In Hamburg ruled similar legislation, although enacted a year earlier, in July 2013. There it is totally legal to rent a room or the entire House when it’s a first residence, where the owners are temporarily out of holiday. It is not necessary to request any type of license provided that those conditions are fulfilled. If an second or multiple properties for rent, Yes is must apply for a permit to the local administration.


P2P tourism will have new regulation in Catalonia.

Figures Airbnb

Only the year past 20 million people were housed in different parts of the world through the platform of Airbnb. Europe is the continent with the highest bid, and inside it, France is the country with more ads, 112,000, which represent a growth of 111% in 2013. Of them, 41,000 are Paris.

In Spain announced 70,000 accommodation, 136% more in the last year alone, 15,000 of them in Barcelona. (See: ’Airbnb defends its business P2P in Barcelona model’).


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