Hotel prices rise 10 in april

Hotel prices in Spain rose in April, a 10% compared to last year, costing one night hotel 110 euros on average, while the European average stands at 134 euros per night, according to the monthly survey by the hotel price comparison Trivago.

In all Spain is observed a general increase in hotel prices that highlights Aragon by starring in the biggest annual increase hotel prices (20%). The greatest increase and decrease of prices in comparison to April 2014, recorded precisely in Zaragoza (29%) and Huesca (- 27%).

Among the cities studied, which have the lowest rates this month are Vigo (54 euros), Lleida (60 euros), Lugo (62 euros), A Coruña (63 euros) and Murcia (63 euros).

By contrast, Barcelona (149 euros), Palma de Mallorca (149 euros), Seville (143 euros), Córdoba (128 euros) and Toledo (113 euros), are cities where sleep is more expensive and the only one that exceeds the Spanish average $ 110.

Seville is that more rises

Seville prices increasing by 59% over the month past, the largest increase, from 90 euros to the 143 euros on average.

Meanwhile, Córdoba, with an average price of 128 euros, is the second city where is more expensive prices, in particular by 42%. Only in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Valencia low price environment compared to March, 14% and 10% respectively.

If you consider interannual variation, Zaragoza presents the largest increase of prices, 29%, followed by Castellón (27%), Toledo (24%), Seville (23%) and Lugo (22%). Conversely, the city that stars the greatest YOY drop is Huesca, where prices down 27% this month compared to last year.

Increase in all communities

The archipelagos

and Catalonia are the only regions that surpass the 110 euros on average Spanish Balearic Islands being the region where it is more expensive to spend the night this month (139 euros), followed by Catalonia (128 euros) and the Canary Islands (114 euros). Asturias (69 euros), Galicia (73 euros) and Murcia (75 euros) are the communities with the lowest rates.

Andalusia, Castilla – La Mancha and Castilla y León, are communities experiencing major increases in rose, 26%, 23% and 22% respectively. Canary Islands, the only community where it drops the price average 14%, compared with March is located on the opposite side.

In all the Spanish territory is observed a general increase in prices, being Aragon community who leads the higher annual price increases, a 20%, followed by Cantabria (18%), Castilla – La Mancha (17%) and Comunidad de Madrid (17%). Only Valencia maintains the same level of prices than a year ago.

Switzerland is the most expensive country

this month, the cheapest European countries where to stay are Bulgaria (59 euros), Romania (62 euros) and Poland (68 EUR). On the contrary, Switzerland (212 euros), United Kingdom (158 euros) and Norway (148 euros), are European countries with highest average hotel prices.

Regarding variations in prices over the last month, is in Czech Republic where most increase, 38%, and Switzerland, where more lower (- 9%). If the interannual variation is observed, Hungary is the European country where most have increased prices (22%) while Russia still represented the largest decline (- 24%).


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