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The project began in April with very limited in Germany and the United Kingdom evidence, but is now when the service seems to be widely available in the German country, at least through mobile. Although it is not yet clear whether Google will offer this service to more countries, you can assume a clear advantage for the consumer, they warn from Phocuswright. Although Google does not invent anything new, because Kayak already launched a meta-search engine of tourist packages in Germany in 2012, but compare packages to each other, not with the individual components of the trip. Google is making place offers packages from tour operators along with the hotels and airlines in a single mobile screen. While most of Europe is discussing the difficulty of deploying travel offers according to the new European directive on travel combined, the search engine offers travelers the ability to compare prices at a glance. Although, due to the technical limitations of the sector of traditional operators, the number of companies participating in the Google Package is still limited. However new more agile players as a product of dynamic package from Expedia and Lufthansa Holidays, Airberlin Holidays it offers the possibility of having a point of support in the European market of operators. Google Package at the moment is only available in Germany and only via mobile phone. It is still too early for meta packages of Google product, and the scene of European tour operators has shown serious difficulties to break into it, although the OTA and the low-cost companies have certainly left their presence felt. Approaching a new disruption in the short term? It is unlikely, but what is certain is that it has the potential to annoy the world protected by barriers of traditional operators. And conclude from Phocuswright, “we find ourselves perfectly well with a bit of that annoyance, especially if it pushes the industry down the road to reinvention”. Product for the European market, this seems to be the first time that Google released a travel application especially designed for the needs of the European market, where operators play an important role in the leisure segment. Comparing the price of the packages with the individual components resolved the obvious question that is every traveler’s if it should opt for one or the other option. It is no surprise that in some cases the packages are cheaper to buy components individually, but so far that comparison was not easy to watch. The reservation systems of operators (and operators in general, as they recognize from Phocuswright) do not fit well with the ecosystem of comparators of prices for flights and hotels. But the work of Google is far from perfect, as there are pending tasks, both for the search engine operators. To generate faster response times, Google Package is not linked to networks of distribution of the traditional operators. Instead use modern storage platforms in cache as the German company of technology tourist Peakwork. Predictive price one of the most relevant news of the search engine is the choice of price prediction, which effectively encourages consumers when is the best time to book a flight. But it is not an invention of Google, since meta search engines and some OTA like Farecast as they have played this same time. The startup Hopper, among the 10 best apps of the world travel, is based on this. But there is something new: while alert them of prices have been mostly a complement, Google is using buttons pop up to present it to consumers. The accuracy of this type of services always depends on the quality and quantity of the data evaluated, and it is clear that no one has more data than the search engine, in addition to the acceptance of these tools also sits on a great design, based on the style of trial and error. But Google has taken note of the viral success of Hopper and is evident that price forecasting is becoming a standard component in the search and purchase of travel. Their argument is that it is subtracted thus stress the phase of planning the trip. However, the widespread adoption of predictive prices in a platform as big as Google, and potentially others, promises to introduce new stress in the departments of yield management in the industry. Analyst Dirk Rogl, reference information, is available on the website of Phocuswright..

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