Germanwings copilot had a decline the day of the accident

Copilot Germanwings, Andreas Lubitz, charged with deliberately crashing the aircraft in the French Alps, had in his house a part of medical for the day the air disaster that had broken and hid the company, as well as their State of health; as reported by this Friday the Dusseldorf Prosecutor’s Office occurred.

The Prosecutor Ralf Herrenbrueck said in a statement that they found in his apartment in the city notes written, and broken into pieces, about a medical absence to “support the current preliminary analysis that the deceased hid his illness to your employer and colleagues ’.

Germanwings, for its part, has made a statement in which corroborates that, effectively, “the company not the was remitted a part of low sickness paea that day”.

The comprehensive dossier with documents showing that he suffered from an illness and was under medical treatment (see: Germanwings Copilot has no relation with terrorist groups, according to Germany).In fact, had a broken lower certificate found in a wastepaper basket.

The Agency has reiterated that no farewell or claim note was not found during the registration or not have signs pointing to a political or religious motive.

Regular medical check-ups

Among the documents found during the registration to his residence, had recipes and other evidence that he suffered from a deep depression by an “existential crisis” and was under treatment: indeed, last Tuesday when it crash the flight on the route Barcelona-Dusseldorf and it would have taken the decision to crash the planeIt should have been low; However he hid it to the company and his companions. Information that the Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed. Apparently, Lubitz for some weeks that he had broken with his girlfriend, which took seven years.

The newspaper Der Spiegel says that the documents found during the records point to a mental health problem. According to the German tabloid daily Bild, his medical was a “major depressive episode”. Citing internal documents and “circles of Lufthansa”, the journal argues that in 2009 he left his training and spent 11 months in psychiatric treatment, although other media talk about a year and a half. The Copilot of the Department of the German air traffic Act was evidence of the serious condition under the code “SIC”, which refers to the need that the plaintiff is referred to “regular medical check-ups“. The ARD public television network also confirms this last detail.

Sources close to Lubitz noted that about 10 years ago he began his apprenticeship at a local aviation club and, subsequently, in the year 2007, entered the center of formation of Lufthansa, in Bremen. People in their senalabn who was obsessed with being a pilot environment. However, a year later, in 2008, it had to interruimpir their training and retiring for a year and a half to treat severe depression he suffered.

Carsten Spohr, Chairman of Lufthansa, Germanwings matrix, explained on Thursday that “the pilot had passed all their tests and all his medical tests” and was 100% in terms of flying (see: Lufthansa defends its recruitment system).

Fact, Lubitz, 28 years old, was a pilot certified by the Federal United States Aviation Administration (FAA).

However, the Prosecutor’s Office did not want to specify what illness is about, has made clear that it will take days to assess the found documents, but has assured that as soon as there is new will give them out. In addition, has clarified that it has already informed the French authorities of the find.


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