Facebook and google optimize their messaging services for hotel reservations

Facebook devoted a great amount of time and work in the recent Conference of developers F8 to improve the technology of its service of messaging. And is that for Nicholas Ward, co-founder and President of Koddi, optimize the experience of booking hotel passes by messaging and the customer as the center of everything: the clear messages to minimize friction that exists in the transactional phases of the process; While placing the customer at the Center gives you a feeling of experience and creates or improves the relationship with the hotel.

Messaging has still a way to go in service and revenue. Not in vain the reserve hotel and its management can take its time. A simple change in the reserve by phone may require 30 minutes to complete, even though the transaction itself only lasts a few seconds. It is an example of the gap today in messaging services, as it has seen Ward.

In terms of the income, upselling, upgrades and custom experiences already permit hotels improve their margins and revenue per booking. Customer will offer you these options on confirmation pages and emails that are the typical model of one-way communication that not gives the user the possibility to adjust the offer to their needs.

The opportunity that offers messaging platform is very interesting if it is used as a way to reduce friction in the communication with the customer, improve the service and account for more revenue. To achieve this, the above-mentioned platform has reach where are users, offer them a simple integration and be easy to implement in hotels.

Facebook and Google

who are working to be able to offer this experience? Facebook and Google are starting positions.

At the F8 Facebook announced ’Businesses on Messenger’, its change in offering this type of service to businesses and customers alike, that allows users choose to receive their updates through this platform. Demonstrations made discover a client who can not only follow orders with short messages and content on the platform, but it also has access to the customer service department just responding to your last message.

The user can even order more products in the same chat. Facebook is working to convert to make a reservation at an experience and a relationship with the hotel, instead of a simple isolated interaction.

Google also is in position to do something shocking in, in the area of the messaging through Google Now in mobile or just by typing ’my hotels’ on the computer, I have instant access to all my upcoming reservations and I can confirm my check-in, the location of the establishment or retrieve the email with the booking form. It is an automatic process, provided that the email of the reserve has formatted correctly.

There is only a small step to imagine new functionalities enabling me to easily open a conversation with attention to customer or request an upgrade or additional service.

Opportunities for hotels

Hotels are also in a good position to take advantage of the messaging service, but to beat Facebook and Google have to do something innovative for its users.

Facebook wants to integrate its platform more live chat and CRM partners to expand its support to the Messenger Business; whereas Google is already offering subtly useful information through its contact points with users, based on e-mails from the hotel.

These are just messaging platforms, which represent a great opportunity for services and income for hotels, but also to place the customer at the center of everything.

Reference information is available on Tnooz.


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